The World's First Offshore Wind Power Project Has Been Dismantled

- Sep 15, 2017-

China Energy storage net news: the world's first offshore wind project Vindeby has been a huge success, but after more than 25 years of operation, the project unit gradually aging, DONG Energy decided to retire Vindeby offshore wind farms.In March 2017, the contractor began to dismantle the project's 11 typhoon power unit, and now DONG Energy has completed the demolition work of the project.

The Danish Vindeby sea wind farm is located in the low-water area of Vindeby near Lolland, with 11 450KW wind turbines, which were connected to the grid in 1991.DONG Energy, head of the offshore wind farm Leif Winther said that although the wind is retired, but in today's standards, it's only a very small project, but it for offshore wind power industry is "critical".He said: "compared with the northern large offshore wind projects now, Vindeby wind farm is almost miniature version, however, if you don't get experience from the world's first offshore wind farm, offshore wind there would be no today.To be fair, the Vindeby wind farm is the birthplace and cradle of offshore wind power.Over the course of the operation, the Vindeby sea wind farm generated about 250 million kilowatt-hours of electricity, while seven of the largest offshore wind turbines could produce the same amount within a year.The 11 units of Vindeby are supplied by Bonus Energi (currently Siemens wind).

In addition, the Vindeby wind farm's unit is about 1.5 kilometers to 3 kilometers offshore, and the current offshore wind turbine unit is far more than that.When installing the wind turbines in 1991, is the integral lifting scheme, and in the process of the retirement, blade, engine room and will move through the leg the ship's crane tower drum was demolished and removed.The concrete foundation will be removed by hydraulic dismantling scissors and collected.