The World's First Smart Rail Train Can Run 25 Kilometers In 10 Minutes

- Oct 28, 2017-

China energy storage net news: 23, a list of about 32 meters high level "city high-speed" appearance in hunan zhuzhou urban road and trial operation, raises for hunan international rail transit industry exposition and peak BBS of the attention of people around the world.

Using virtual track to follow control technology, no solid track;

Pure electric drive energy saving environment, charging 10 minutes can run 25 kilometers;

Flexible marshalling can take 300 to 500 people...

The citizens are on a trial train.

全球首列智轨列车中国运行 充电10分钟可跑25公里

There is no orbit but there is a guarantee of safety

Foreign experts in the car have been a frequent thumb up for this new guy known as the smart rail express system.

Wisdom rail train by car zhuzhou electric locomotive research institute in independent research and development in early June this year, combined with modern tram and bus their respective advantages, is the world's first USES virtual course innovation products with control technology of urban rail transit.

Compared with modern trams, wisdom to replace steel wheel roller rail train, don't laid the orbit of entity, but rather through virtual track car all kinds of sensors to identify the road, will run the information sent to the central control unit train.

According to the instructions of the latter, while ensuring the normal operation of traction, braking and steering, ensure the precise control of the train on the established virtual orbit.

Car in zhuzhou, deputy general manager, chief engineer of jiang-hua feng said that although there is no track, but the safety performance of rail train guaranteed: the visual system and signal system integration, intelligence rail trains have virtual orbit direction, run along fixed routes.

If the vehicle deviates from the virtual orbit without authorization, the vehicle will be restricted by means of blocking power, emergency braking and other technical means.

If an external object intrudes into the vehicle boundary, the perimeter monitoring system shall alert the police according to the actual needs and implement technical measures to avoid accidents.

Pure electricity drives up to 70km per hour

The intelligent rail train adopts the flexible formation of high-speed train, which can adjust the capacity according to the change of passenger flow.

For example, when using the standard three sections, the train can carry more than 300 passengers, and the five sections can carry over 500 passengers, effectively making up for the minor defects of ordinary buses.

Although wisdom rail train about 32 meters in length, but as a result of using the multi-axle steering system design methods, such as its turning radius and the ordinary buses, and channel width is smaller than the ordinary bus, effectively solved the difficult problem of extra-long body turning.

The minimum turning radius of rail trains, for example, 15 meters, as the train in the turning radius curve when running on 15 meters, 12 meters grew up the channel width of 5.8 meters, and rail train only 3.83 meters.

At the same time, the smart train is designed with a similar high-speed train, which can travel in both directions, with such high flexibility that it can be used in most urban roads.

Environmental protection and quiet is another highlight of the train.

According to the reporter, this is because it is pure electric drive, the top speed is 70 kilometers per hour, use the quick filling lithium titanate battery, charge 10 minutes can be full of 25 kilometers.

Cost saving shaoguan planning 9 lines

The cost of China's subway system is currently about 400 million to 700 million yuan per kilometer, and the cost of the modern tram line is about 150 million to 200 million yuan per kilometer.

In the same situation as the modern tram, the smart rail can be put into use with simple road reconstruction, and the overall investment is about 1/5 of the modern tram.

That is to say, compared with the modern tram, the construction of a 10km line will save at least 1 billion yuan.

In addition to develop wisdom rail trains, zhuzhou have also launched the first intelligent railway express system model line issue of project construction, and has carried on the lines in 23 matching test and trial, and shows good performance, paving the way for commercial operation next year.

By the end of 2016, more than 3/4 of urban rail transit construction projects have been approved in China.

However, in recent years, the construction cost and operation cost of metro have been increased, and it is generally presented in a way that affects the sustainable development of the industry as well as the financial pressure of local governments.

Experts believe that the emergence of smart rail trains will promote the coordinated development of urban rail transit in China.

Looking ahead, the market prospect of smart rail trains is promising.

It has attracted more than 70 domestic cities, as well as the United States, Britain, Germany, Russia, Australia and New Zealand.

Currently, shaoguan city, guangdong province is planning to build rail "intelligence" as the world's first demonstration of the urban business card of the city, shaoguan city think rail line nets forward a total of 9 lines planning, total mileage is about 176.2 kilometer.