The World's Future Lithium Demand Has Boosted Australia's Efforts To Develop Lithium

- Oct 31, 2017-

China energy storage net news: according to the bloomberg reported on October 26, the global market competition is intense, lithium resources in northern Australia iron ore production areas - "ground zero" is also stepped up efforts to develop new mines, the world's largest mineral reserves, in order to meet the large demand, the surge of the electric car and battery maker's move to the country's mining industry and have a profound impact lithium mineral markets around the world.

According to the British CRU international co., LTD., according to data from the next five years, 60% of the world's production of lithium will be supplied by large mining projects in Australia, this will enable Australia to further consolidate the world's biggest supplier of lithium.

The area, which will be available for lithium mining in 2018, is located 120 km from port hedland, Australia.

Australia's pilbara mining co. Ltd. plans to boost the potential expansion of lithium minerals from the Pilgangoora program in the second quarter of 2018.

Altura is also planning to launch its lithium mines in the first quarter of 2018 and expand production.

According to the data of the two companies, the pilbara and near a series of important areas of lithium lithium mining area will become the global supply chain, to form a new global mining production of industrial cluster.

Pilbara mining co., LTD., President of 26 at port hedland point out when accepting a reporter to interview, such as to achieving the business expansion of lithium project, Australia will be around 2020 to become the world's largest lithium production center.

In July, bloomberg new energy finance reported that more than half of all new cars in the world by 2040 will be new energy electric vehicles.

The agency also predicted that Australia would remain dominant in the long term, even if there were more supply of lithium ore in the world.

By 2027, Australia will account for 37 per cent of global lithium production and Argentina will account for 18 per cent of the world's lithium production.

CRU international co., LTD. Hong Kong consultant Alice said in a telephone interview, Australia by lithium underwriting agreement and equity investment to strengthen its dominance in the world market of lithium, their companies have gained large lithium battery manufacturers and automobile manufacturers support, and continuously enhance the capacity of domestic equipment processing, export more high value of lithium chemicals.

According to the report, the pilbara mining company based in Perth, Australia, has a lot of demand for lithium ore and has attracted many investors.

In spite of this, Macquarie group, warned that the short to medium lithium price outlook is not optimistic, because "too much Australian iron ore producers in the construction of new lithium project", this will lead to a supply glut in the short term.

But global lithium prices finally stabilized in September.

Analysts at Goldman sachs report on October 12, global lithium production May 4 times in 10 years up to meet the requirements of the electric car of lithium, the supply of the demand scarcity in the mining history is rare.

Lachlan, an analyst at melbourne-based UBS Group AG.

Lachlan Shaw said that while lithium ore has been a new wave of supply, the lithium ore market remains strong and lithium prices will continue to rise.

"The entire market may be underestimating the global demand for lithium," he said.

The global lithium mine report, released this month by bloomberg new energy finance, also argues that the price of lithium will not be alleviated until 2020, with the production of new lithium ore.

It is also possible that new lithium minerals will not be available in the future, and lithium prices will be further stimulated in demand