The World's Largest Photovoltaic Glass Production Line Is Put Into Production In Fengyang County, Anhui Province

- Dec 23, 2017-

China energy storage net news: on December 19, anhui flight photovoltaic glass co., LTD., with annual capacity of 900000 tons of photovoltaic modules cover plate glass line kiln ignition ceremony, marking the world's largest photovoltaic glass production line in fengyang formally completed and put into operation.

It is understood that the project officially started in August 2016, a total investment of 2.5 billion yuan, the project after all put into production, which can realize annual sales income of about 3.5 billion yuan, to optimize the fengyang silicon-based industrial structure, improve product class has important model significance and role.Fengyang county is China's important production base of quartz sand, was awarded the "China quality quartz sand raw materials base" title of "China Daily glass industry base", has introduced the table glass, flat, building materials, "ji yuan, the amalekites, and so on a number of well-known silicon glass production enterprises and projects, products covered by the quartz sand processing, household glass, plate glass, silica and calcium silicate board, ultra-thin super white light volt silicon material such as glass, widely used.