The World's Largest Wind Power Construction Platform Was Launched

- Oct 31, 2017-

China energy storage network: on October 28, the world's largest "dragon source zhenhua no. 3", 2000 tons of wind power construction platform held a launching ceremony in zhenhua heavy industry platform division.

The platform was built in November 2016 and the keel was laid in February 2017 and the main hull was completed at the end of June.

The launching of the platform is one of the major joints of the platform, and the equipment commissioning will be carried out as planned, and the mooring test will be carried out in full.

After the delivery of the platform, it will open a new chapter in the large-scale construction of China's offshore wind power units.


The platform is a large-scale installation of wind power construction platform that zhenhua heavy industry independently develops, designs and manufactures large equipment hoisting, wind power equipment piling and installation.

The captain 100.8 meters, the width of 43.2 meters, the depth of 8.4 meters, the lifting capacity of 2000 tons, is the largest in the world, before this, the largest lifting capacity of the global self-elevating wind power installation platform is 1500 tons;

The platform's double hook and single hook hoisting capacity can reach 1500 tons, which can realize the air turning over the base of the big mw offshore wind turbines.

The lifting height of the crane on the platform is 120 meters, with the highest hoisting height in the current global self-promotion wind power installation platform.

The maximum operating depth of 50 meters, the most in China, is a key tool for offshore wind power in China from shallow sea to offshore.

It is worth mentioning that the crane on the platform, lift system, propeller, key parts, such as dynamic positioning system achieved one hundred percent localization, provides equipment support for offshore wind power development in our country.