There Are Many Ways To Restrict The Development Of Electric Vehicles

- Aug 30, 2017-

China energy storage net news: according to the latest statistics, in the first half of this year China's electric car market continue to both production and marketing, new energy car ownership more than million, the no.1 world electric car market power.Can you be comfortable with an electric car?One of the biggest problems is charging.

Recently, the general office of the Beijing municipal government issued the on further strengthening the construction of electric vehicle charging infrastructure and management of the implementation opinions ", to encourage all levels of party and government organs, enterprises and institutions internal charging facilities open to the public service.Some other places are also developing Shared charging piles, which can be used to solve charging concerns?

Few cars restrict the development of electric vehicles

In Beijing, there are more than 100,000 electric cars and 9750,000 charging piles have been built.But specific to each of the electric car owners, the situation is very different, only more than 60000 of the 100000 electric car owners have their own private charging pile, there are more than 30000 car owners can only rely on public charging pile, charging "anxiety" still exist.

Some car owners say that because there are no private charging piles, charging is like a guerrilla, running back and forth, where there is a Shared stake and where to fill it.In the parking lot, electric car seats are also occupied, and sometimes the cost of parking and charging can make the owners of electric cars more expensive.

With Beijing basically achieved, compared to a car with a pile into the country, the proportion is one pile, 3 car car more pile less is still an important factor restricting the development of electric vehicles.

The pace of construction will be increased to reach 5 million ev charging demand by 2025

In order to solve the problem of vehicles more pile less, since last September, countries have introduced a speed the construction of residential areas, enterprises and institutions, and parking charging infrastructure guidance, charging pile construction are in full speed.State grid has put the construction of the pile into second and third-tier cities, even in the Yangtze river delta region, such as zhejiang and jiangsu. The construction of charging piles has extended to the county.

State grid news spokesman Wang Yanfang, by 2020, to do suburban county charging service radius was less than 5 km, the ring charging the service radius of not more than 3 kilometers, downtown in charge service radius is less than 1 km.

In addition, many cities also through the promotion of the government and social capital cooperation mode, increase financial support, establish a reasonable price mechanism, guide the social capital to participate in the system of charging infrastructure construction operations.

Shall be formulated by the state council issued the opinions, speed up the development of charging infrastructure construction by 2025 to meet the 5 million car charging mission requirements, pile to the newly built 4.8 million, 12000, at that time, on average, an electric car will have a charge.

Build connectivity platforms to attract private recharging piles

In reality, the number of vehicles is one aspect, and on the other hand, many charging piles are inefficient and even idle. The reason is that the charging piles are not Shared and the interface is not unified.

Recently, the state has issued a unified standard, which has led to the unification of the equipment interface of more than 200 charging pile operators nationwide.At the same time, by the national power grid construction of the national intelligence car networking platform, currently has access to 75% of the nation's charging pile, with this platform, users only need to download an APP on your phone can get real-time charging around pile, the electric vehicle charging more convenient.

At present, the platform is trying to absorb the personal charging piles in Beijing, and make more recharging resources.Beijing electric vehicle owners share kirnu coin will bring their own charging pile, nine months, share more than 10000 KWH, of which twenty percent is for private use, eighty percent is for the use of more than 30 share pile drivers.After deducting the electricity bill, you can earn more than 2,000, and earn your car and rechargeable money for a year.

At the same time, strengthening the research and development of charging technology and improving charging efficiency are also important ways to solve the charge anxiety.At the latest exhibition of Shanghai charging equipment, various charging pile companies show their new technologies and models to solve the "charging anxiety".High power charging and photovoltaic, energy storage and charging integration are expected to be unveiled in the future electric car charging market.