There Are Now More Than 100,000 Electric Vehicles In The UK

- Aug 26, 2017-

China energy storage net news: according to the British media reported on August 17, the study found that because now renewable energy facilities such as solar energy conversion and the increase of wind turbines, electric car of environmental protection is the double of five years ago.

According to the research of the imperial college, London, 2012 as the tesla Model S charge co2 as an average of 124 grams per kilometer, but now has been reduced to 74 grams per kilometer in winter, summer 41 grams per kilometer.But the tesla Model S still produces more carbon dioxide in the winter than the Toyota prius, with a Toyota prius averaging 70g of carbon dioxide per kilometre and less emissions in summer.

But whether it's winter or summer, the nissan leaf, the BMW i3 and the mitsubishi oulander PHEV are both more environmentally friendly than the prius.Researchers said, "although the prius is the most environmentally friendly hybrid cars on the market, but small like the nissan leaf and the BMW i3 electric car charging the carbon dioxide is less than half of the Toyota prius."

Seasonal difference of carbon emissions is due to the summer sunshine, solar energy conversion plant accounted for the proportion of UK electricity is higher in the summer, and winter solar energy is insufficient, by natural gas power plants.

The Drax power generation company commissioned the study found that in 2012 the British coal accounts for 20% of the total generating capacity, fell to 6% in 2016, the carbon emissions per KWH produced significant effect.

Ian, a sustainable energy lecturer at imperial college,Stark Dr. Phil says, "electric cars greatly reduces the air pollution of the city, but about how environmental protection electric cars still some controversy, it depends on the power source of the cars were charged.Now that Britain's electricity is rapidly decarbonised, electric cars are actually becoming more environmentally friendly.

With more than 100,000 electric vehicles in the UK, sales of pure electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles have grown 30-fold in the past four years, to 1.8 per cent of new car registrations.