The Weather Turns Cold, Pay Attention To The Battery Maintenance, Battery Maintenance

- Sep 25, 2019-

n recent days, the weather on our side has been getting colder. Especially in some places in the north, the weather will cause a large temperature difference. Then the weather is getting cold. What should we pay attention to when driving? How can I drive a car better and what should I pay attention to while using the car? Today, will simply introduce you how to use the car when the weather turns cold.

The weather turns cold to maintain the battery

The battery is most afraid of low temperature, and the battery capacity in a low temperature environment is much lower than that at normal temperature. Too low a temperature will greatly reduce the battery capacity, so for a battery that is not maintenance-free, if it has been used for a long time, the battery should be sent to the repair shop for a full charge.

In addition, before the winter season, the electrolyte of the battery should be replenished, the specific gravity of the electrolyte should be adjusted, and the terminal of the battery should be cleaned and coated with special grease to ensure reliable starting and prolong battery life.

Remember to drive the brakes when driving

Some car owners often forget to loosen the hand brake when driving, which will accelerate the wear of the brake disc, and the brake wire of the hand brake will be elongated, resulting in a decline in braking performance. If the hand brake is pulled for a long time, it may cause the brake cylinder to bite, the brake oil leaks, and the brake fluid temperature is too high, resulting in complete loss of the brake function.

Therefore, the owners of the car owners, before driving, must remember to release the hand brake before starting the car.

Parking should not cross the steps

Now that the parking spaces are getting tighter, many car owners are free to park their cars, and some cars are still across the steps when parked.

Here, I would like to remind the majority of car owners that the car should be parked as far as possible. If it is parked in uneven places for a long time, it may cause distortion to the frame. Uneven parking will also affect the closing of the door. Usually, the vehicle is tilted and difficult to open. Affected by the imbalance of door forces.