Through The Recycling Industry Chain, The Old Power Battery Has A Home To Return

- Aug 17, 2017-

China's dynamic battery recycling market is very broad.According to industry statistics, China's dynamic batteries will be discarded by 120,000 to 170,000 tons by 2020.Despite the resistance to the recovery of power batteries, the industry is becoming more and more standardized as the system of producer responsibility extends and the industry is becoming more and more standardized. The industry will surely rise up.

In recent years, the benefit from the policy, subsidies, new energy vehicles presents the fast growth in our country, at present our country new energy car ownership has more than 1 million vehicles, for the world, and 3-5 years later will be faced with the severe reality - a lot of power lithium battery's retirement.The current many institutions and capital are predicting the amount of 2020 battery scrap from 170000 tons, 190000 tons, 190000 tons, 500000 tons, even while the data is differ, but all that power battery scrap jumped sharply in the future.

Industry expects the recovery of cobalt and nickel from waste power lithium batteries, lithium manganese, created, iron and aluminum metal recycling market scale will exceed 5.3 billion yuan in 2018, will exceed 10 billion yuan in 2020, waste power lithium battery market in 2023 will reach 25 billion yuan.

In the case of enterprises, the power battery recycling contains huge business opportunities, which can save the cost of raw materials for the battery producers.In addition, the power battery recycling is closely related to the government construction of low-carbon economy and environment-friendly society.

To this end, the current domestic many battery manufacturers and oems, power battery recycling companies are trying to layout arrangement in use and circulation recycling, such as the state's group, CATL, amd group, byd, such as green beauty.

At present, the development of power battery recycling technology in China is relatively mature, but the management is relatively backward, which hinders the development of the power battery recycling industry.The main performance is: the recycling network is not perfect, the recycling network is mainly composed of small and medium-sized recycling companies, which cannot be effectively recycled.The recycling enterprise is small, the process level is not sound, it is difficult to ensure the recycling efficiency.There are no licensed enterprises to carry out waste power battery recycling, bringing safety and environmental risks.

"The core of the problem lies in the lithium electricity current structure is not suitable for recycling, the cost is too high, really want to solve these difficulties will need a breakthrough from the technical direction, such as convenient to recycle the end, just need to redesign on the material structure."Chen yongcheng, head of the energy storage technology research group of the Chinese academy of sciences, was outspoken.

"In the actual recycling business, different manufacturers have different dynamic battery structure and different material system, which makes it more difficult to recover and increase the cost of recycling.Although comprehensive recovery can be used to deal with it, it cannot be fully recovered.To do well in the recovery of power batteries, the standard of unified power battery should be adopted by the unified standard system.And increase the basic technology in the field of power battery recycling.The secretary general of the organizing committee of BBS, the international summit of the new lithium electric energy industry in China, said.

In spite of this, in the industry generally optimistic about the prospect of market and social responsibility, enterprises for the exploration of battery recycling business model is always enthusiastic, in addition to byd ladder, establish efficient dismantling factory arrangement applied in household energy storage and communication base stations outside the business model;Walter has also infer a retired power battery recycling schemes, is pilot use value of battery for energy storage power station and a mobile trolley, cannot use phase decomposition battery materials regeneration, avoid the pollution of the environment.

Recently, three standards of power battery standardization and recycling have been released, which correspond to different phases of power battery, covering the whole process from design to recycling.Predictably, power battery retired tide comes, in the standard specification, the simple and crude state of recycling has the potential to end before, instead, the scientific and standardized way, safe and reliable operation.In the whole industrial chain of power battery, recycling is a weak link, this link is done, and the whole industry chain is broken through.