To Create Environmentally Friendly And Sustainable Lithium Industry Chain

- Nov 25, 2016-

In recent years, the rapid development of new energy vehicles, as the driving force of the source of the lithium battery followed the outbreak of demand. With the increase in production, lithium battery industry chain problems are emerging, the quality is not compliance, investment efficiency, excess capacity and other issues, restricting the upgrading of the quality of new energy vehicles.

To build an environmentally friendly, healthy and sustainable lithium industry chain, we must first adhere to the industrial policy guidance and innovation-driven firstly. To encourage lithium enterprises to increase R & D efforts to replace the way, by the way the Government set up a special lithium battery research fund for the capture of lithium battery industry in the process of the key, common, major technology. Promoting the establishment of collaborative research, opening and sharing of lithium battery innovation platform, key materials, battery systems and other common, basic technology research and development focused on the development of force. Meanwhile, Strictly regulate lithium battery production enterprise access threshold, control capacity growth, eliminate low-end production capacity, improve market concentration, optimize the industrial structure.

Second, to rational investment, refined management and market operation. Enterprises must master the core technology to further improve the performance of the battery to high-end market for long-term survival. Moreover we must fully consider the size of enterprises, the development stage and other factors, rational choice for their own development model.

Once again, to establish a lithium battery recycling system. Automobile battery recycling has played an important role in resource and environmental protection and sustainable development of new energy automotive industry. we should set up a special battery recycling agencies, to strengthen the quality of the battery performance identification, grading and other test evaluation technology and standards Research, as soon as possible to develop echelon utilization standards, encourage enterprises to independent recycling.