To Know More About AGM Battery's Charger,tester And Replacement

- May 27, 2020-

An AGM battery is designed to be charged slow and low, and overcharging it can kill the battery itself. So, a normal battery charger can’t be used to charge an absorbent glass mat battery.

Most of the AGM battery chargers are equipped with microprocessors that collect information from the power cell to see its current charge status and to adjust the voltage and current accordingly.

However, there some battery chargers today designed to charge both lead-acid and AGM types of battery by having charging mode selection feature.

AGM battery replacement specialist: Lithium Iron Phoshpate Battery


Model: PLFP1203



Cell Model:IFR26650-34A

Size (L*W*H) :90*70*101mm


This feature allows a user to charge different types of battery by simply selecting the appropriate mode suitable for the type of battery they are going to charge.

Chargers like these can be very expensive but they can very useful if you have different types of batteries in your garage.

Just to be clear, normal battery chargers can be used to charge an AGM battery because of the risk of overcharging and other issues.

AGM Batteries Can Be Tested the Same Way As Conventional Batteries

These type of batteries can’t also be tested the same way as the conventional batteries. This is because AGM power cells have lower internal resistance compared to flooded power cells. Older versions of battery testers will not provide an accurate test result for AGM batteries.

But some of the new testers or analyzers of today are designed to have a special testing mode for AGM batteries. This allows them to accurately test or analyze an AGM battery and produce precise reading or results.

An AGM Battery Replacement is the Same As A Flooded Battery

This is partly true and partly false. When it comes to the installation of batteries the process may be the same for both types.

However, in some vehicles, there is an extra step required to consider that the battery has already been replaced.

These vehicles are equipped with a sensor module or a system that requires recalibration or a scan tool to tell that the battery is already replaced.

If the system is not calibrated, it will risk the alternator to overcharge the battery that will lead to battery failures.


Final Thoughts

Those are the three misconceptions about AGM batteries. The most important of those three is the first one. Is not possible to charge an AGM battery with a normal charger because it may lead to overcharging that can significantly reduce battery life.

So, if you choose to get an AGM battery replacement, make sure to keep these things in mind to boost its service life.