Turn Big Data Into New Energy

- Sep 21, 2017-

China energy storage net news: from the meteorological information of xinjiang to the shaanxi the direction of the wind, when the wind blows to the xinjiang for shaanxi to buy more of xinjiang wind, the wind along the hexi corridor eastward, let buy shaanxi wind of xinjiang, the greatest degree given clean energy, to help power plants make decisions.Applying big data to power can improve energy efficiency and protect environment.

Founded in 2013, xi 'an pico information technology co., LTD. Is one of the earliest practitioners in the field of "Internet + smart energy"."The company's vision is to turn big data into new energy sources."Zhang yu, co-founder and CEO of the tracking technology, told reporters.

How to turn big data into new energy?"Through big data, the market efficiency and the cost of electricity are saved," zhang said.After the company received wind power customers, the wind power data was used to adjust the production capacity."We want to use data to contribute to environmental reduction."ZhangYu said.

The company's core products "flashlight" application system, set monitoring, prevention, analysis, early warning, technology and other functions, provide convenient and fast mobile management for power plants."There's nothing mysterious about big data.Simply focus on more information and get more information.Technology is not the key to big data. How to improve efficiency is the key to big data.Figure tracking technology has become the current domestic leading provider of power generation enterprise mobility management applications, for nearly hundred large-scale thermal power enterprises, more than 170 wind farms and dozens of power grid company provides the big data products and services.

The real-time transaction platform established by the tutwork technology and the northwest power grid has launched a real-time transaction of 1,795 real-time transactions in 2016, and the issuance of new energy is 13.68 billion KWH.We carried out 1,459 replacement of the main control area, and increased new energy generation by 14.47 billion KWH.We carried out a total of 472 new energy consumption, and increased energy consumption by 10.02 billion kilowatt-hours.From the end of December 2016 to carry out the network channel new energy each other aid deals, strongly promote the new energy given work, also reduced the consumption of fossil energy such as coal, thus improving the energy consumption structure, is expected to ease smog pollution and the ecological crisis.