Two Research Institutes In The United States Have Developed Lithium-air Batteries Or Extended Electric Vehicle Mileage

- Mar 30, 2018-

According to foreign media, researchers have designed a new lithium-ion battery that will be five times more powerful than the current lithium ion battery.According to a report in the journal Nature, the design USES lithium react with extraction of oxygen in the air, for the lithium ion battery weight loss, the future or will be used in mobile phones, notebook computers and electric cars, and even may prolong the life mileage of electric vehicles.

美国两研究机构研发锂空气电池 或延长电动车续航里程数

The team led by Amin Salehi-Khojin of the university of Illinois and Larry Curtiss of Argonne National Laboratory.The team has come up with a number of design ideas designed to limit the chemical reaction in the battery, allowing the prototype of its lithium-air battery to be successfully recharged 700 times.

The battery is coated with a thin lithium carbonate and amorphous carbon coating on the battery anode, which helps the flow of lithium ions while blocking the larger molecules of oxygen and carbon dioxide.The team also developed the new electrolyte, which USES an ionic solution called 1-ethyl-3-methylimidazole tetrafluorate and dimethyl sulfoxide.

The key to the lithium-air battery is its cathode, a negatively charged electrode that allows electrons to enter the battery, pulling oxygen out of the air.The combination of metal edge and ion solution in the electrolyte will synthesize a catalyst to react with oxygen to produce lithium peroxide.

The catalyst can inhibit other reactions as much as possible, such as the formation of lithium oxide.The reaction is inevitable. Lithium oxide reacts with carbon dioxide, nitrogen or water in the air to affect the battery's performance.