Ukraine KNESS Group Sets Up 400 Mw Solar Cell Plant

- Aug 14, 2018-

Ukraine's national energy efficiency and efficiency agency has said it plans to build a 400-megawatt annual solar panel plant in the Vinnytsia region of central and western Ukraine.

Construction will be carried out in two phases of 200 MW each, with the second phase to be completed in 2019.

The company implementing the project is Ukraine's KNESS group, which has so far installed 33 solar power stations nationwide totaling 225 megawatts.

The plant's annual output is estimated at $180 million and is expected to create 400 jobs, according to the announcement.

Ukraine's national energy efficiency and efficiency agency says green energy producers using local equipment can raise the tax rate by 10 percent.

Agency chief Sergiy Savchuk said the project would contribute not only to the country's solar industry but also to the region's economy.This year, Energodar, in the Zaporizhia area, launched another solar panel manufacturing plant.