Ukraine May Introduce 'green' Auctions For Renewable Energy

- Oct 17, 2018-

The ebrd's view is to introduce an auction system for renewable energy to reduce "green" electricity prices, the national energy efficiency and efficiency agency reported on September 13.

The ebrd believes that one of the key advantages of the auction is to lower the price of clean power by increasing competition among market participants.This is a very important factor for the Ukrainian market.And auctions create the possibility of long-term 'green' business, stimulate innovation in project implementation, make the market more predictable and reduce investment risks."

The bank worked with the energy community secretariat and the international renewable energy agency (IRENA) to develop proposals for renewable energy development, including auctions.

The ebrd is funding "green" projects in Ukraine with a total capacity of 158 megawatts, the energy agency said.In addition, the bank allocates about 250 million euros to further support the Ukrainian market.