UPS Power Supply Provides Uninterrupted Power Supply For Intelligent Traffic Video Surveillance

- Nov 12, 2019-

UPS power supplies provide uninterrupted power for intelligent traffic video surveillance. Power supply is one of the basic guarantees for the production of the whole society and the people's life. The types of various production equipment in the intelligent transportation power system are complex, the number is large, the geographical distribution is wide, and the manual maintenance is difficult. As an important equipment in the video surveillance system to provide subsequent uninterruptible power supply, UPS is particularly important.

UPS power supply provides uninterrupted power supply for intelligent traffic video surveillance

High-speed power intelligent transportation ETC system power supply field, emergency power supply and backup power supply based on diesel generator sets are vital power protection measures, because as a primary power unit, once the hospital has a total power outage, it will be correct. Life safety poses a deadly threat and can lead to serious consequences.

In urban rail transit, there are various equipment systems, such as communication, signal, integrated monitoring, environmental monitoring, automatic ticket checking, screen doors, access control, automatic fire alarm, etc. These systems are responsible for the safe transportation and information of passengers. Important tasks such as delivery and disaster prevention and mitigation are important or particularly important primary loads. Therefore, an uninterruptible power supply UPS with high reliability is required for uninterrupted power supply, thereby ensuring quality and continuous power supply.

UPS uninterruptible power supply equipment plays an important role in the power protection of all aspects of the intelligent transportation system. Different power UPS uninterruptible power supplies can be targeted to different scenarios of intelligent transportation, for example: in urban rail transit. In the station, there are many weak electrical equipment systems, such as communication, signal, integrated monitoring, environmental monitoring, office automation, access control, automatic ticket checking, automatic fire alarm, screen door, emergency lighting, and integrated automation of substation.

These systems are responsible for passenger transportation environment monitoring, information transmission and passenger guidance at metro stations. They are important or particularly important primary loads and require highly reliable power supplies. To ensure the quality of power supply and continuity of power supply. Targeted configuration of the application scenario, UPS uninterruptible power supply can greatly improve the utilization and reliability of the power supply, while reducing power loss.

Lithium battery UPS power saves more than 30% of space, and is the best choice for small power usage scenarios such as toll stations, computers and various monitoring facilities. Lithium modular UPS products, modules support hot plugging, online expansion, maintenance, wall mounting, front maintenance, greatly save operation and maintenance time, reduce manual maintenance costs, its efficiency is up to 96% in online mode, energy-saving strength is top in the industry, It is widely used in medium and large-scale power consumption scenarios such as small and medium-sized data centers, large-scale traffic command centers, and security system monitoring centers.

The airport is an important place for electricity use. The UPS power supply is a must-have device for reliable power supply, and any UPS single machine cannot guarantee 100% power supply reliability. Therefore, redundant configuration is the preferred solution. The airport has two major IT power systems: airport management and air traffic control. At present, whether it is an air traffic control building, a radar station or a beacon station, almost all UPS power redundancy configuration schemes are adopted, in order to improve the reliability of power consumption and ensure foolproof.