US-enterprise And University Cooperation Research On Lithium-ion Battery Recycling

- Oct 31, 2019-

Cummins, a battery manufacturing company, announced a partnership with the University of California, San Diego (UCSanDiego) to analyze the commercial applications and technology of electric vehicle batteries. This collaboration will provide valuable data for the aging behavior of battery modules.


According to the micro-lithium battery team, the partnership is only focused on lithium-ion battery research, which is one of the projects dedicated to the recycling of batteries for commercial applications. US researchers believe that the use of recycled batteries is very important, because the key materials of the US battery depend on foreign countries. In addition, according to the US Department of Energy (DOE), the recovery rate of lithium-ion batteries in the country is less than 5%.




Cummins' previous re-use of battery projects is often associated with electric car companies. Last October, Nissan and EDFnergy announced a project to combine used electric vehicle batteries with the demand response capabilities developed by Cummins.


A key area of research between Cummins and the University of California, San Diego will be the performance of fixed energy storage systems for grid storage applications. Based on the information, the university's researchers will test and develop an outdoor reuse demonstration system consisting of the company's battery modules.


Relevant personnel said: “Electrification will play a huge role as we move towards decarbonization, but in order to maximize this potential, we must focus on the sustainability of the entire product life cycle. This is very important.” Data shows that batteries retired on electric vehicles maintain a considerable battery capacity of up to 70%. While this may no longer meet the requirements of automotive powertrains, this is sufficient for other less demanding applications.


Earlier this year, the US Department of Energy established the Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling Award and established a Battery Recovery R&D Center to encourage American entrepreneurs to find innovative solutions to collect, store, and transport discarded lithium-ion batteries. recycle and re-use. Cummins is also committed to investing $500 million in the electrified power business over the next three years.


Recycling of batteries has increased sustainability and extended battery recycling, but it will take time to break through technical difficulties and real-world constraints.