US Storage Energy Supplier Plans To Establish 10GWh Lithium Battery Factory In The US

- Nov 20, 2019-

Recently, US energy storage solution provider KOREPower announced plans to establish a factory in the United States, which will produce lithium batteries for its Mark1 energy storage system.

The plant's initial annual production capacity is 10 GWh.

KORE's Mark1 storage solutions can be used in applications such as microgrids, wind and solar power plants, and alternative fossil fuel peak power plants. The US company said in a press release that it has not yet selected a specific location for the new battery manufacturing facility, but it is looking at several possible sites in “a few states”, all of which offer a broad workforce. And logistics center.

According to the plan, the production plant will cover 1 million square feet and will use the assembly and battery manufacturing technologies already used in a factory in China for KORE. The facility was built by DoFluoride Chemicals (DFD), a manufacturing partner of the US company. By March 2020, KOREPower's battery production capacity in China will reach 6GWh.

KOREPower's new facility in the United States will create more than 2,000 jobs in production, transportation and logistics, and customer service. Company CEO Lindsay Goriel said: "This new manufacturing plant is another important step to achieve our goals. Our goal is to increase our ability to supply the North American market and expand our international business."