Vestas Has Vigorously Developed Green Wind Power In Latin America

- Sep 06, 2017-

China's energy storage network: A/S expert estimates that Brazil, in South America, will again favor green wind power.Previously, demand for wind power had experienced a downturn in South America.

"I can see that Brazil will have a big room for growth next year," said the head of vestas in the Mediterranean region.You need to be patient."

Although the current domestic wind power demand fell in Brazil, the world's largest wind turbine suppliers - vestas has in Latin America to develop wind power such as Argentina and Mexico.

At present, vestas has a total capacity of 1.9 gigawatts of wind turbines in Latin America, with 45 per cent of its wind power projects in Mexico.Last year it had a total of 625 megawatts of wind power in Argentina.In Brazil, the wind power project has a capacity of 371 megawatts.

At the moment, vestas plans to build some wind turbines in Brazil, and expects Brazilian wind demand to increase year by year.