Visit The World's Largest Floating Photovoltaic Power Station

- Sep 01, 2017-

China energy storage network: liu long coal mining subsidence area in panji district, huainan city, anhui province, has been encroached by water, which has become more than 6,000 mu of water.The world's largest floating photovoltaic power station, built on the surface of the water, has received widespread attention.

To get to this power station, you need to take a boat to get there.This was originally farmland and village, because coal mining subsidence caused, has become a piece of water.In the distance some of the sunken houses were visible.

The boat runs through the water and passes through many solar photovoltaic panels.Huainan sunlight floating body of science and technology co., LTD., deputy general manager, chief engineer XiaoFuQin introduction, now here six to ten meters water depth, the surrounding set within the scope of the red line is the factory, covers an area of about 1300 mu.On the periphery is the original family breeding ground.

It is reported that this 40MW fish-light complementary photovoltaic power project, with a total investment of RMB 400 million, is divided into 16 generating units, including a water-floating floating photovoltaic power generation research and development test base.

He introduces, this project all adopt the floating body is installed, solar panel installed on the floating floating body, every cell phalanx 3 mw scale, composed of more than 10000 pieces of solar panel, the entire factory consists of more than 160000 pieces of solar panel.

According to xiao, the photovoltaic power station in the water will increase the cost between 0.3 yuan and 0.5 yuan per kilowatt-hour compared with the ground power station, and its power generation can increase by 5% to 10%, so the total benefits are similar.However, the significance of this pv project is different, which has changed the understanding of China's energy exploitation and utilization by foreigners.

The photovoltaic project, for example, generates about 48,000 kilowatt-hour of electricity a year, and a conventional thermal power station that would need to burn up to 300 grams of coal, which can save more than 10,000 tons of coal a year.

In addition, the water construction photovoltaic power station has the advantages of fast construction speed, less interference and incomparable cleanliness.In addition, the lower the surface temperature, the higher the amount of electricity generated, the "advantage" of 5 to 10 percent of the power generation.

In the middle of a solar panel, reporters saw a dozen white houses.'this is the inverted booster,' said Mr. Xiao. 'it's a' transit point 'for the plant's photovoltaic power station to connect to the grid.'The photovoltaic power station, he says, produces traditional direct current, and the existing grid is alternating current, which requires the conversion.

Across the water, there was no one.XiaoFuQin said, at present the factory daily operation maintenance personnel only eight people, more is to implement by monitoring methods, each panels can be seen, because the data such as voltage, electric current panels are reflected, if broken, the data is not, it is easy to find.The future will consider using surface cleaning robots for routine maintenance.

How much will it affect the project?'it doesn't matter much,' Mr. Xiao said.For example, the first meter was designed to be 1 meter high, which is not a problem.The comprehensive factors such as water flow, wave height and temperature are considered within the scope of design.

Anhui huainan is a traditional coal - power resource city. In recent decades, it has faced a series of problems such as the loss of land resources and the destruction of ecological environment.Taking the panji district of the city as an example, panji district has been trapped in 182 natural villages with 84,000 mu of land due to coal mining. At one time, it became a major problem that puzzled local development.

The construction of photovoltaic power station in the subsidence area has become an innovative highlight of local development.In addition to the currently operating 40MW photovoltaic power plant project, the three gorges new energy, huaxi new energy and other photovoltaic power station projects have been introduced, and a 150MW project of the three gorges new energy is under construction.