West Star Bought A Large Lithium Mine For A $2.7 Million

- Jul 23, 2018-

West Star industries, which is listed in ASX, won a $2.7m contract to allow the mining of the world's largest lithium mine, the Talison lithium mine in greenbrith, in western Australia.

The second phase of the project aims to double the mine's capacity.At present, the mine produces 80, 000 tonnes of lithium carbonate equivalent a year, and the expansion is scheduled to start in the second quarter of next year and reach 180, 000 tonnes a year by 2021.

SIMPEC managing director Mark Dimasi said the company is optimistic the contract will bring more market competitiveness to the company.

WestStar is also understood to have won two contracts from BHP billiton for a $4.5 billion iron ore project in western Australia.