What About The Future Of Natural Gas Heating?

- Nov 03, 2017-

The future of natural gas generation in China and the world will be vast.

This is because, one, more and more countries recognized the care for the environment, human survival is important for us to protect our earth, the Paris agreement signed last year was a great event of many countries in the world, world leaders gathered together to discuss major issues to reduce the harmful gas emissions, China has made solemn promise, with countries around the world, promote clean energy is widely used as much as possible, and give a timetable, one of the important measures is gradually used to clamp down on coal gas.

Second, natural gas is also fossil fuel, but the cleanest one, such as hydroxide, sulfur oxide and pm2.5 particles, is far less than coal, which can't be compared with that of gasoline and diesel.

General said the industry of clean energy, mainly talking about it, because in solar, wind, water, also can't top girder, under the condition of human beings in the future ideal energy controlled nuclear fusion and the long period before the hydrogen power, natural gas is the best alternative for power generation.

Three, use natural gas power generation, both economic and environmental protection, now the price of natural gas is close to the coal, even a little higher, its comprehensive economic and social benefits are far more than coal, such as clean air, pathogenic rate decline, the burden of the government and the family will reduce greatly, the whole society will enter a more benign condition.

Look from the efficiency of the gas generator itself, the most advanced gas-fired combined cycle power generation unit thermal efficiency can reach 60%, and the ultra supercritical coal-fired unit thermal efficiency is about 45%, however, the efficiency of gas is higher than coal.

Should say still have development prospect!

4. Natural gas has far more resources in the world than people have expected, and huge fields have been discovered, which have surprised people.

The us started the shale gas era, with prices falling.

China's natural gas production is also on the rise, and cnooc has developed several oil and gas fields in the south China sea, supplying the country with a steady supply of natural gas.

At the 91-1 deep sea oil and gas field, which is in cooperation with the husky company, the drill has been drilled for thousands of meters through the 1,500-meter deep water, and the world is known for its technology and benefits.

Moreover, China's natural gas production is not fully used, and more work needs to be done to transform people's thinking and promote more extensive gas exchange.

There is still much room for improvement in China's natural gas utilization.

Natural gas power generation already accounts for 35% of the total power in the United States, more than coal, construction of coal-fired power plants is almost all gas-fired power stations, while China accounts for only 4% of all electricity, gas power generation, therefore, wide prospect of gas power generation in China.