What Are The Advantages Of The 26650 Lithium Ion Battery Compared With The 18650 Lithium I Battery?

- Nov 24, 2017-

We have explained briefly that the 26650 lithium ion battery is more connected with the 18650 lithium ion battery, and the 26650 lithium ion battery has become more and more popular in recent years due to the rapid development of the new energy automobile industry.

Driven by a growing demand for range, the car's power battery is running a bigger and bigger battery.

We know the tesla Model S is composed of 7104 section 18650 lithium ion battery, the battery pack for the mammoth monomer lithium ion battery management, is an extremely complex process, the management difficulty is very big, so the industry to improve monomer battery capacity has been high, the reason is that in order to reduce the amount of monomer lithium ion batteries used car power battery, battery management system (BMS), the management difficulty, increasing the safety of the power battery car with life.

18650 relative to 18650 lithium ion batteries, lithium ion batteries in addition to a cylindrical battery stable quality, high automation level, good product consistency and good heat dissipation performance, also has the following advantages for battery pack.

■ Higher monomer capacity

Power long battery (PLB) as the leader of domestic 26650 lithium ion batteries, is domestic first through the national car battery safety testing certification of 26650 lithium ion battery production enterprises, and the first 26650 5500 mah capacity lithium ion battery.

At present, the capacity of the mainstream 18650 lithium ion battery is usually 2900-300mah, so the capacity of 26650 lithium ion battery is obvious.

■ A lower cost

Due to the increase of volume and structural changes, the use of some lithium ion battery accessories is smaller, the cost of raw materials is reduced, and the production efficiency of the cells is higher than that of 18650 lithium ion batteries.

From lithium ion battery PACK cost, because the same capacity of battery PACK, use less amount of monomer 26650 lithium ion batteries, so no matter from the auxiliary structure parts and battery management system (BMS), the management difficulty is reduced, can save cost.

■ Space more small

Since the battery pack USES a reduction in the number of lithium ion batteries in the 26650 lithium ion battery, the overall volume of the battery pack will decrease as a result of the increase in the reduction of the diameter of the battery.