What Are The Causes Of The UPS Host Fire Caused By The Uninterruptible Power Supply?

- Nov 01, 2019-

What are the causes of the UPS main engine fire caused by the uninterruptible power supply? Why does the uninterruptible power supply UPS battery ignite? This must be noted that when using the uninterruptible power supply system, the maintenance of the battery is often neglected. The UPS system has a phase-to-phase short circuit due to aging of the line. The fault current causes the UPS power panel to catch fire. Let's discuss it with Xiaobian!

What are the causes of the UPS main engine fire caused by the uninterruptible power supply?

1. The connection of the cable connector is too large, and the contact resistance is too large. When the temperature rises, the touch surface is seriously oxidized, and the contact resistance continues to become large. Finally, the electrical ignition or even the arc is caused, which will constitute a fire of the adjacent combustibles.

2. The short-circuit event occurs in the back-end line, switch or load of the uninterruptible power supply UPS, which constitutes an internal fire of the UPS or an explosion of high-power components.

3. The metal dust of the UPS installation site is serious. The dust is sucked into the UPS through the cooling fan of the UPS. When the concentration reaches a certain value, it will cause a fire inside the UPS.

4, uninterruptible power supply UPS working environment such as temperature, humidity and other factors caused by battery defects, causing fire.

5, UPS battery shell deformation, electrolyte leakage, lack of capacity, battery terminal voltage is not equal to the problem fire.

UPS battery fire causes

1. There is a problem with the quality of the UPS battery itself. There is a hidden danger in the connection between the wiring pile head and the plate.

2. When the battery is transported or installed, the casing cracks and is not found in time. After the device, the acid solution inside the battery is chemically reacted with the battery rack or the battery cabinet, which directly leads to conductive fire.

3, UPS battery and cable connection is not strong, the formation of touch resistance is too large, the temperature of the touch surface is severely oxidized, and then the formation of touch resistance continues to become larger, eventually causing electrical ignition or even arcing, and then igniting adjacent combustibles to form a fire .

4, UPS battery pack connection cable withstand voltage is not good, resulting in insulation breakdown between cables, forming a cable short-circuit fire.

5. The UPS battery configuration is unreasonable and exceeds the battery discharge limit.

Uninterruptible power supply UPS system safe use method

● Uninterruptible power supply There are many high-voltage energy storage devices in the UPS mainframe. Do not open the chassis for inspection. Operators must understand the basics of electrical engineering and familiarize themselves with the instructions for use.

● Uninterruptible power supply The UPS system is connected to a battery. Even if the AC mains is not connected, there may still be voltage at the output. Keep this in mind.

● In case of fire around the UPS system, please use a dry powder fire extinguisher. If a liquid fire extinguisher is used, there is a risk of electric shock.

● UPS power supply host does not require high ambient temperature. +5°C~40°C can work normally, but it requires indoor cleaning and less dust. Otherwise, dust and moisture will cause the main machine to work disorderly. The energy storage battery has higher temperature requirements. The standard operating temperature is 25 °C, and it should not exceed +15 °C to +30 °C.

The above is the cause of the fire of the UPS mainframe of the uninterruptible power supply. If the quality of the UPS power supply is not very high, there may be a fire hazard. If the fuse of the same specification specified by the original manufacturer is used, it may cause the machine to malfunction or cause the line to catch fire. Harm your own safety.