What Are The Characteristics Of The Micro-module Data Center?

- May 26, 2020-

Modular data center is a modular data center product that integrates IT cabinets, cooling, uninterruptible power supply, fire protection, lighting, monitoring, wiring, security and other functional modules. Its constituent units are standardized in accordance with the industry's general specifications product.

1. Customize hardware facilities and improve cost-effective.

Modular network architecture, customized servers, micro-modules and their infrastructure according to specific business deployments.

2. Factory prefabrication, on-site assembly, rapid deployment.

Standardization and productization of components, high quality control, and clear engineering interface.

3. Change the cooling method.

The cooling between the rack rows meets the requirements of medium and high power density machine rooms (5~12kW / rack).

Close cooling and closed channel. The energy is transferred nearby, and the heat and cold are isolated, and the total energy consumption of the computer room is reduced by 10%.

It can flexibly assemble various unit components together according to IT cabinet requirements, equipment room area, power density and other factors to achieve a standard and balanced micro-module composition design, and can be customized according to specific project conditions , Very flexible.

4. Cold pool and inter-row cooling

It is composed of two rows of equipment units face to face, plus the channel closure components, skylights, side doors, etc. to achieve cold and hot channel isolation.

The short air supply distance between the rows and the high precision of the control strategy of the refrigeration system can also achieve on-demand flexible cooling. At the same time, this method supports high-density loads.

5. Built-in uninterruptible power supply system

It integrates UpS or 240V DC and battery uninterruptible power supply system. Different micro-modules can be powered by different power systems, which enables the mixed use of multiple power sources in the same room.

6. Easy to disassemble and assemble

It is prefabricated by the factory, has the characteristics of industrialization and standardization, and can be easily disassembled and assembled. The construction time is short, and the construction site is easy to manage.