What Are The Components Of The Switching Power Supply?

- May 21, 2020-

1. Main circuit

Inrush current limit: limit the inrush current on the input side at the moment of power-on.

Input filter: Its function is to filter the clutter existing in the power grid and hinder the feedback of the clutter generated by the machine to the power grid.

Rectification and filtering: Directly rectify the AC power of the power grid to smoother DC.

Inverter: Turn the rectified DC power into high-frequency AC power, which is the core part of high-frequency switching power supply.


2. Control circuit

On the one hand, it samples from the output terminal, compares with the set value, and then controls the inverter to change its pulse width or pulse frequency to stabilize the output. On the other hand, according to the data provided by the test circuit, the protection circuit identifies and provides The control circuit performs various protective measures on the power supply.


3. Detection circuit

Provide various parameters and various instrument data in operation in the protection circuit.

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4. Auxiliary power supply

The software (remote) start of the power supply is used to provide power for the protection circuit and the control circuit (PWM and other chips).