What Are The Possible Reasons For The Burning Of Power Batteries?

- Dec 11, 2017-

The dangers of explosion is the more common power battery system performance, the impact of, also is more serious, not only causes property loss and environmental damage, even can cause personal injury or danger.


Possible reasons for the combustion or explosion of power battery systems:

■ The exothermic side reaction of power cell (cell) leads to heat loss, ignition of electrolyte and other combustible materials;

■ In the high-voltage circuit of the power battery system, the local connection of the resistance is too large, and the large current flows through the time to the temperature rise to reach the ignition temperature, and the combustible material inside the ignition power battery system;

■ The external combustion of the power battery system causes the internal temperature of the power cell system to rise continuously to reach the ignition temperature and ignite the combustible material inside.In view of the situation analysis of the use of electric cars, the first case of the high probability of occurrence, risk is higher, the exothermic batteries cause thermal runaway is power battery system might be the main cause of the combustion or explosion.