What Effect Of Lithium Battery Overcharging And Over Discharging Performance?

- Jul 05, 2019-

What is overcharging and what effect does it have on battery performance?


Overcharging refers to the behavior of charging the battery after charging. Because the negative capacity is higher than the positive capacity in the design, the gas produced by the positive electrode is combined with the cadmium produced by the negative electrode through the diaphragm paper. Therefore, in general, the internal pressure of the battery will not increase obviously, but if the charging current is too large, or the charging time is too long, the oxygen produced is too late to be consumed, which may lead to the increase of internal pressure, the deformation of the battery, the leakage of liquid, and other adverse phenomena. At the same time, its electrical performance will also be significantly reduced.


What is over discharge and what effect does it have on battery performance?


The discharge cutoff voltage is usually determined according to the discharge current. 0.2c-2c discharge is usually set to 1.0v/ branch, if 3c or 10c discharge is set to 0.8v/ branch, battery overdischarge may bring disastrous consequences to the battery, especially high current overdischarge, or repeated overdischarge will have a greater impact on the battery. Generally speaking, overdischarge will increase the internal pressure of the battery, destroy the reversibility of the positive and negative active substances, even if the charging can only partially recover, the capacity will also be obviously attenuated.


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