What Happened To Tesla Recently

- Mar 22, 2020-

What happened to Tesla recently?

   The domestic Tesla vehicle Mdoel 3 is reduced to "fool" Chinese?

  According to the performance during this period, the delivery volume of Mdoel 3 in China is satisfactory. In January, Tesla (TSLA.US) delivered 3,183 Model 3s. Among them, Tesla's Shanghai plant has made outstanding contributions, and 2,605 Model 3s were delivered here, with a localization rate of nearly 82%.

   However, some "not so good" things have happened recently. Some domestic Model 3 owners have exposed the simple configuration problem of Tesla on the Internet. The purchased domestic Model 3 standard endurance upgraded rear-drive configuration has been downgraded! Originally stated in the vehicle's "Environmental Information On-board List" that the vehicle was equipped with a vehicle controller (autonomous driving computer hardware version 3.0) code 1462554, but when the user removed the vehicle controller, they found that the code was 1483112 (Autonomous driving computer hardware version 2.5).

   HW 3.0, as Tesla's latest generation of autonomous driving motherboard kits, is equipped with a self-developed FSD autonomous driving chip, a single-chip computing power of 72TOPS, and 2300 fps image processing capabilities. The previous generation hardware HW 2.5 is equipped with a computing platform composed of Nvidia's Drive chip, with an image processing capacity of 110fps, and its performance is only 1/21 of HW 3.0.

   In response, Tesla responded and issued an announcement saying that this problem is due to a recent supply chain problem. Users who need replacement in the future can make appointments for replacement, because the FSD-capable cars are not selected, and these two versions of hardware are used. It makes no difference. The implication is that owners who have no replacement needs or are unaware can continue to use the lower version?

   In fact, it ’s not just domestic vehicles that find “reductions.” According to related media reports, an imported Model 3 owner stated that the imported Model 3 introduced at the end of last year. At that time, Tesla sales said that this vehicle was equipped with HW3. 0 hardware, but found during the experience, does not have the ability to identify 'ice cream cone'.

   Musk says Tesla's April battery day event will bring "big surprise"

   According to foreign media reports, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced during the fourth quarter earnings call that Tesla plans to hold a "Battery Day" event in April and will prepare a "convincing story" "To tell you something that can be" surprising. "

   This remark immediately aroused the curiosity of the industry. You know, Tesla hasn't stopped since mid last year. This "surprising" event is predicted to be another update or a major decision, which is likely to bring a catastrophic blow to traditional car manufacturers trying to catch up with Tesla in the field of electric vehicles.

   But this kind of speculation is only our guess, everything will wait until April Tesla's "Battery Day" is announced.

   CATL supplies lithium iron phosphate battery for Tesla

   Since the cooperation between Tesla and CATL, more and more speculations about their cooperation have been revealed. The battery that Tesla and CATL cooperated with is lithium iron phosphate battery. On February 22, the official account of Tesla's Shanghai Super Factory commented on a Douyin user video, "Cobalt-free, does not mean that it must be a lithium iron phosphate battery." The reply has since been deleted.

  Recently, some media confirmed that CATL will provide Tesla with lithium iron phosphate batteries, with a supply of not less than 40% of the planned production capacity of Tesla's Shanghai Super Factory (Phase 1). It is reported that the lithium iron phosphate battery provided by the Ningde era is only used for domestic Tesla Model 3 and domestic Tesla Model Y. This is the cobalt-free battery that was widely concerned in the market before, not the so-called new type battery. .