What Is Artificial Geothermal Energy?

- Aug 07, 2019-

Man-made Geothermal EGS (Enhanced Geothermal Systems) is to solve the large demand for clean energy and global warming has become important learning in the 21st century a new method, the initial concept has been put forward in the 70 s but has not been taken seriously, because Geothermal distribution area is very limited, so anyone in any place to drill deep drilling technology is proposed to near underground lava near the area of over 300 degrees, at least one well into a hot water well drill 2 well recover steam power generation, if allow drilling cost more recovery Wells can reduce lost steam; Increase power generation efficiency. Although the principle is simple, because the required well is over 5 kilometers deep and passes through a lot of hard granite crust, it is too expensive to wear out hundreds of expensive drill bits by traditional punching drilling method, and the underground conditions are difficult to grasp and waste Wells that may not be able to circulate water vapor, plus the geothermal energy is not concerned in the mass media· many factors, such as high solar energy and high wind power, make people reluctant to invest in the experimental stageBut new technologies, such as hydrothermal and plasma drilling RIGS, have been proposed, and drilling costs are expected to drop dramatically, with geothermal energy providing a stable base load of electricity for 24 hours, regardless of location or climate. Construction time, cost and public concern are much lower than nuclear power. It is expected to be the most competitive solution to green energy and global warming.