What Is The Application Status Of UPS Power Technology?

- Dec 25, 2019-

Cunneng analyzes the technical application and future development prospects of the UPS industry for you. UPS is an uninterruptible power supply, which can ensure that the computer system continues to work for a period of time after a power outage to enable users to save files in an emergency, so that users will not affect work or lose data due to power outages.

As an independent power source, energy storage UPS lithium batteries are widely used in various industries due to their high quality and reliability. In this paper, the editor of Energy Storage Electric will make a certain explanation from the technical application and future development prospects of the UPS power supply industry.

First, UPS uninterruptible power supply technical description

UPS consists of inverters, power protection equipment and other components. It is mainly used in computers, network systems and other equipment that requires uninterrupted power supply. There are many places and many devices in real life that require reliable and stable power supply services. UPS, as a new type of power supply, uses semiconductors, comprehensive automatic control, microprocessors and other technologies to achieve energy saving and emission reduction while ensuring high-quality requirements for power supply in various occasions, so its application prospect is very good.

Application Status and Development Prospects of UPS Power Technology

1. Application status

Integration With the development of informatization, the application fields of power protection are continuously expanding and the requirements are continuously increasing. Energy storage UPS products are widely used in: communications, power, public security, finance, networking, medical, security, industrial automation, rail transportation, aerospace Lithium battery UPS has been widely used in various fields such as navigation, etc. Let me give a few examples:

On-board UPS application

Communication base station application China Mobile

Transportation Application

Industrial applications Baosteel Group

Data center school room power


2. Development Prospects

In recent years, in order to meet people's high requirements for UPS performance, UPS power technology has made some new developments, such as network intelligent UPS, all-digital UPS and so on. Specifically, the current development trend of UPS power technology is mainly the following:


② Networked


④High frequency

⑤ The development trend of customer integration needs will be further strengthened.

Finally, as the largest market for UPS in the telecommunications industry, investment growth has increased significantly, especially 4G construction will be promoted on a large scale; the state has approved rail transportation projects with a total investment of 800 billion, and railway investment has also restarted. Driven by investment in these two major industries, the future trend of UPS market demand will continue to increase.