What Is UPS Power? What Are Its Basic Functions?

- Dec 25, 2019-

Maybe many friends do n’t know what the UPS power supply is. Because it is relatively rare in our daily life, UPS is actually an uninterruptible power supply. If our computer is connected to the UPS power supply, the computer will automatically shut down when it encounters a sudden power failure. Switch to UPS to ensure that the data on the computer is not lost. The following editors from Energy Storage will explain the basic functions of UPS power in detail:

I. Voltage stability

The mains voltage is susceptible to the quality of the power transmission line.The user voltage near the substation is about 130 ~ 120V higher, and the user far away from the substation is about 100 ~ 90V lower. The voltage is too high or too low It will shorten the life of the user equipment and burn the equipment when it is severe. Using an online UPS can provide a stable voltage power supply with a voltage variation of less than 2V, which can extend the life of the equipment and protect the equipment.

2. High and low voltage protection

When the mains voltage is too high or too low, the UPS's built-in voltage regulator (AVR) will make appropriate adjustments to keep the mains voltage within the usable range.If the voltage is too low or too high to exceed the usable range, the UPS will The battery DC power is converted into AC power and continues to supply power to protect user equipment.

Three. Waveform distortion processing

Because the power is transmitted to the client through the power transmission and distribution lines, the use of various machinery and equipment often causes distortion of the mains voltage waveform, because the waveform distortion will generate harmonics, and the equipment will increase the temperature of the power system transformer, which generally requires distortion Rate <5%, general UPS design distortion rate <3%.

Four. Frequency stability

The mains frequency is divided into two types of 50Hz / 60Hz. The so-called frequency is the period that changes every second. 50Hz is 50 cycles per second. The frequency of mains power in Taiwan is 60Hz, and the mainland is 50Hz. When the generator is running, the speed change caused by the sudden change in the power consumption of the client will cause the frequency of the converted power to fluctuate. The power converted by the UPS uninterruptible power supply can provide a stable frequency.

V. Monitoring Power

With the UPS's intelligent communication interface and monitoring software, it can record the mains voltage frequency frequency power outage time and number to achieve power monitoring, and can arrange the UPS uninterruptible power supply timing switch time to save energy.

6. Power failure protection

In the case of a momentary power failure, the UPS uninterruptible power supply immediately converts the battery DC power into AC power and continues to supply power.

Seven. Surge protection

Generally UPS uninterruptible power supply will install surge absorber or tip discharge design to absorb surge to protect user equipment.