What Kind Of Sparks Will The Drone And Robot Mix? What Kind Of Sparks Will The Drone And Robot Mix?

- Oct 23, 2017-

The south Korean scientist Ilhan Bae has been hoping to build a robot that combines drones and robots.

Everything comes to him who waits, focused on the research for many years, finally introduced the Robot Robot Drone Man, can not only like drones remote-controlled flying, could walk on the ground, with both hands to interact with others.

In appearance, Robot Drone is the main body of a Drone, with a slab and robotic arm above and three wheels on the bottom.

It is 0.9 meters high and weighs 11 kilograms and can move at a speed of 3 kilometers per hour.

Although Robot Drone Man looks funny, but its characteristic is that the combination of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), the advantages of robots can fly in the sky, or moving on the way, effectively reduce the influence of terrain and obstacles.

In addition, when robots arrived at the destination, the distance of the pilot can borrow by robot visual function, and the two mechanical arm to interact with the scene, let people across space obstacle, remote handling of things.

, researchers say, is to make the Robot's ultimate goal is to "create the future of the robots, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) no longer exist boundary", and hopes to fit for the Robot to develop new markets, Robot Drone Man can reach any need to service the customer side, rather than the Pepper, softbank's humanoid Robot to move way, only move in a particular interior space, in the face of the customer.