When The Sharing Economy Meets A Lithium Battery To Wipe Out A Different Spark

- Sep 12, 2017-

China energy storage net news: with Shared economic hot nearly two years, a growing number of Shared products have sprung up to risk, sharing Shared bicycle, electric bicycle, sharing, Shared charging treasure, share, umbrellas, Shared mazar-e-sharif, sharing running warehouse, etc.Among them, sharing electric bicycle is undoubtedly the most tortuous.

First, sharing electric bikes has an inherent advantage over other types of Shared products, both in terms of demand and convenience.In the first tier cities of north China, thousands of commuters travel between the subway, bus and office buildings every day.And a large proportion of them have to walk a few kilometers to get to work on public transport platforms.Thus, the "last few kilometers" of sharing electric bikes have been created.Compared to sharing bicycles, sharing bikes is much easier, less labor-saving and faster.

However, while electric bicycles have solved the "last few kilometres" of travel demand, they have been banned in many places.Following Beijing and Shanghai, guangzhou has also introduced policies to ban the sharing of e-bike rentals, which has thrown cold water on the "sharing economy" of 2017.The reason, undoubtedly, is that the safety of the Shared bicycle is widely questioned.Among them, the battery issue of motor cycle is the most concerned.Battery self-ignition, battery short circuit, dampness, drum pack, etc. These problems may seriously affect the future development of the sharing cycle.

As one of the core components of the Shared cycle, the cost of lithium battery is more than 1/3 of the cost of the whole vehicle, so the safety of lithium battery is the most important consideration.Lithium battery, on the other hand, the quality of the pros and cons, single use the number of how many charges, the accurate calculation of excess capacity, cycle life of battery etc decides the user experience of sharing motorcycles and profit efficiency.

Therefore, the safety and monitoring performance of the electric bicycle lithium battery should be strengthened and enhanced in many aspects, such as the strengthening and improvement of the shell structure of the battery of the Shared bicycle.Intelligent battery management system (BMS) is adopted to facilitate the backstage supervision of battery running.Real-time control of the remaining power and positioning location and other relevant information;Additional power display, fault diagnosis, failure warning, etc.

With the rapid development of sharing electric bikes, battery companies have also expanded their batteries.Star constant power said, now will share the electric bicycle batteries modular, and defines the number of different products, according to the national standard for sharing motorcycles operating companies provide a full solution from battery production to recycle and help enterprises improve vehicle operating efficiency, cost savings.

The company has also used the graphene-based lithium ion battery as a power battery to carry out small batch applications on Shared bikes.According to the introduction, the graphene-based lithium ion battery can reduce the charging time of motor cycle from 4 to 6 hours to 20 minutes.

For Shared operation of motorcycles, it is thought that the battery manufacturer for the battery, maintenance, more professional, if we can directly provide services in electrical, concentrated charge distribution services, or rental service, are provided for sharing motorcycles operating companies may be more beneficial cooperation mode.

In addition, new energy automobile market in recent years, a large number of power battery enterprises in improving production, but as the upgrading of new energy vehicles, eliminate power battery, can undertake pilot use after recovery, as Shared electric bicycle power battery, was undoubtedly the best of both worlds.

It is understood that for most of the battery power battery enterprises "arrangement in use" on the agenda, some electric bicycle power battery production enterprises such as amd, have considered will be retired down car power battery for electric bicycle.In the future, the lithium-ion batteries that share the electric bike will likely be used in a large number of vehicles.If a battery enterprises will pilot use batteries for sharing on motorcycles, and the market as the main application, is likely to promote Shared electric bicycle, power battery arrangement in use of the development of the two industries.