Where Is The Future Of Electric Logistics Vehicle Direction Development

- Oct 24, 2016-

According to the Ministry of Industry issued the 288th batch of "road motor vehicle manufacturers and product announcements" in a total of 366 new energy vehicles, including pure electric car with 147 cases, accounting for 40.1%, 130 cases of pure electric logistics vehicles, accounting for 89%. It is obviously that the focus of the development of new energy vehicles have been transferred from the passenger car to the new energy logistics vehicles.

At present, because of the environment pressures, many cities have limited the fuel logistics vehicles into the urban core area during the working hours. However, the new energy vehicles haves no restrictions on the card. To some certain extent, a variety of reasons to promote the rapid development of the electric vehicle logistics.

However, under the current storage technology conditions, the new energy logistics vehicle can not adapt to long-distance transport and heavy-haul transport. And the current new energy logistics vehicle is apply for the short distance within the scope of 150Km in city, but there is a massive market demand in China.

New energy logistics vehicle energy storage, the current only lithium battery is the best option, compared to the same hot current super capacitor, although the charging time is very fast, but the mileage is very bad, so you can not quickly abandon Power and storage capacity can be a new form of program, the current lithium battery program is still the only, the best choice.

In short, for the new energy vehicles, the requirement is the rapid development from the national policy level, environmental requirements and energy use.  On a global scale, the world economy is weak and been in a downward phase, many countries are desired to have a new  economic form to stimulate economic, and the countries generally agreed that the next economic stimulus mainly rely on the new energy.