Who Is Another Dutch Vauxhall Battery Company With 8GWh?

- Aug 05, 2019-

Last week, during his visit to the Netherlands, premier Li keqiang was once again a "super salesman", witnessing the signing of about $10 billion of cooperation agreements between Chinese and Dutch companies. Among them, the top of the list is a Dutch battery manufacturer "vaux company", according to reports, the Dutch lithium vaux company intends to cooperate with Chinese partners Zhejiang Jiashan economic and technological development zone, invest in a new super battery factory and set up a research and development base in China, plans to invest 1.6 billion Euros (12.8 billion Yuan), the project covers an area of 60 hectares (900 acres), 8 GWH design capacity, its production and sales of lithium ion battery module is mainly used in green energy storage, smart grid and large transport equipment. News came out, immediately circle friends asked each other: who is vaux?

Lithium Werks B.V., based in Hengelo, the Netherlands, is a fast-growing lithium battery and portable power solutions group, according to its official website. The company is committed to the new energy lithium battery industry, the products are mainly used in energy storage, industrial equipment and robots, Marine, medical equipment, two-wheeled vehicles and special vehicles. List of major customers:The company's establishment date and specific performance are not found on the official website. The company's layout in lithium battery industry mainly comes from three acquisitions and investments this year:

In February, vaux announced mergers and acquisitions the Valence Technologies. Valence Technologies is known as the power of science and technology in China, was founded in 1989, the company adopts carbon thermal Reduction process Carbothermal Reduction (CTR) production of patented magnetic acid magnesium lithium iron (LiFeMaPO4), makes LiFeMaPOA is more durable, more stable conductive. The company used to be a global leader in lithium iron phosphate batteries and was named as the "lithium battery duo" of the United States by A123 systems, which was acquired by wanxiang group in 2012.Through mergers and acquisitions Valence, walkers have earned their clients worldwide, intellectual property rights, production facilities, etc., also includes the power of science and technology in China factory in suzhou. Most of vauxhall's customers, as shown above, are likely to have been former customers,In march, vauxers announced that it had acquired the former wanxiang A123 plant in changzhou, China, for raw materials (lithium iron phosphate). As part of the deal, vauxx also took over some of wanxiang A123's customer relationships in China, Europe and the United States, as well as the staff and product design associated with the changzhou operations.In September, vauxx announced the acquisition of Super B Lithium Power B.V., a Dutch manufacturer of lithium-ion batteries, and a $116 million joint venture to build a new energy research and development center near the university of twente in the Netherlands that will employ 2,000 people in five years. Vauxhall CEO and co-founder Joseph Fisher said the partnership "enables us to use nanotechnology and smart software to deliver battery, module and battery management systems to the logistics, energy storage, medical, Marine and other markets.

In less than a year, three big acquisitions around the world, combined with a 1.6 billion euro investment in China, have made vauxers's expansion look impressive. Vauxhall, which focuses on energy storage in the wind and solar sectors, expects sales of more than $1 billion by 2020, said Kees Koolen, vauxhall's chairmanBy 2030, the energy storage capacity will reach 500GWh.

The share of the Chinese and foreign investors in the deal was not disclosed, but Mr Koolen went out of his way to praise the efficient support of his Chinese partners in pushing ahead with project approvals and building permits.


"The signing of these agreements shows that Dutch companies are willing to invest more in China in areas of strength and Chinese companies are willing to cooperate with the Netherlands in broader areas."The two governments will create an excellent business environment for business cooperation," Li Keqiang said.