Why Do Mobile Phone Manufacturers Not Make Batteries Bigger

- Nov 08, 2019-

Mobile phones have become an indispensable tool in our lives, but nowadays mobile phones have a common problem, that is, mobile phone batteries are too small, and there are many mobile phones in the market that have 5000 mAh batteries, but under normal circumstances, mobile phone brands The merchants are only willing to make the battery of the mobile phone 3500 mAh, which means that there are still places that can be used. Why are mobile phone brands not willing to make the battery bigger?

First of all, the first reason is also the most realistic reason. What are the problems faced after the mobile phone battery is bigger? It must be that the charging time is getting longer. Do you like mobile phones that are very slow to charge? Certainly do not like, then the relative, the brand also has to increase the charging power of the mobile phone, and now the super fast charge is only 44w, not only the brand feels low, but consumers also.

So overall, the experience of charging large battery phones is too much. It is better to change the battery of the mobile phone to 3500 mAh, the charging speed is fast, and it will not affect the battery life too much during the use. For brand owners, you should know how to weigh. Take this year's iqoo, only 4,000 mAh will use the super fast charge of 44w power, this is just a satisfaction, not the kind of pleasure that has not been said.

Huawei is using a 55w fast charge. These are costs. On the road to breaking the limit, each upgrade represents a huge price, which will lose the cost performance of the mobile phone. This is not necessarily a good thing.

There is another reason, the brand thinks that in terms of battery life, the biggest space for improvement is not the battery, but the hardware. They feel that if the hardware power consumption of the mobile phone can be controlled well, the battery life of the mobile phone will be greatly improved. Take Apple, Apple's mobile phone is notoriously low-power, even the processor is single-core or dual-core. Now that the Snapdragon 855 processor has reached 8 cores, can the power consumption be a level? The same is the running of the game, the power loss of the dragon must be more than the apple. Therefore, Apple does not use more than 2000 mAh on many models. It is hard to imagine how long it will take if Apple wants to use a 5000 mAh battery.

Now the hardware upgrade has not yet been implemented, but the battery upgrade is direct, so many mobile phone brands have been unable to wait, and began to increase the mobile phone battery, resulting in user feedback is not very good. In fact, this is not the mobile phone brand is not willing to do, but the consumer feedback is really a bit "terror" mobile phone brands do not dare to take the risk.

The internal space of the mobile phone itself is relatively small, so it is so big. It is difficult to develop a point space, not to mention the emergence of a lifting camera. If you want to make a big battery, you can only make the mobile phone bigger. As a result, the development trend of mobile phones has become a tablet. There is no point in doing this, so there is a reason to say that the battery is not big. If you increase the thickness or expand the mobile phone, neither of them is a viable solution. In the end, it can only be stagnant.