Why Doesn't Tesla Produce Its Own Power Battery?

- May 31, 2020-

Why Doesn't Tesla Produce Its Own Power Battery?

As one of the representative models of electric vehicles, Tesla has been used by many car companies to compare its competitors. Although Tesla's sales are constantly increasing, Tesla is not the core component battery. From his own hands, why doesn't Tesla make its own batteries?

There are several factors why Tesla does not make its own batteries. First, the cost of the first aspect. The original cost of purchasing the battery is higher. After the battery is manufactured, it also faces a series of processes such as sales. If mass production cannot be realized in a timely manner in the future, it will lead to a decline in profits and even affect cash flow. This is undoubtedly a relatively large expenditure for Tesla, which originally required capital. From this In terms of aspects, it is also a factor that Tesla does not make its own batteries.

In the second aspect, there are currently many battery manufacturers on the market, and the selectivity of batteries is relatively high. At the same time, Tesla can obtain the appropriate price through successive quotations from major battery manufacturers. For Sla, some cost savings can also be achieved.

The third aspect, from the perspective of battery production, battery manufacturing requires a certain process technology, and also requires a certain period of time in battery research and development, whether from the perspective of time or capital, this is for the current Tes Pull is not the best option.

Generally speaking, Tesla, as one of the representative car companies of electric vehicles, does not make its own batteries or its own positioning. At the same time, it is also to save battery production costs and other expenses. For various reasons, the special features in the high-speed development period Sila, it's not time to make your own battery.