Why Has The Energy Storage Industry Grown So Fast?

- Aug 15, 2017-

China's energy storage network: in the context of changing global patterns, the progress and promotion of energy storage industry has attracted great attention.Now, whether photovoltaic, wind power, hydro power or other renewable energy, or a traditional distributed energy grid or internal combustion engine, with unprecedented strength and enthusiasm, actively embrace energy storage technology, business model innovation and industrialization application.Capital, technology, equipment and talent are flowing into the world. Energy storage industry is becoming a high-light point of energy transformation and internationalization, and some call it the strategic pivot of energy transformation.

If the power battery technology innovation is the core of the new energy automobile industry development, then the energy storage technology innovation will inevitably become the new focus of clean energy efficient utilization.

Now energy storage industry, whether it is li-ion battery, lead acid, lead, carbon, vanadium titanium liquid flow, compressed air energy storage, or drainage ion energy storage, such as rapid progress in technological innovation, continuously improve industrial chain, specific energy density, ring, security, improving service life, reduce costs, and the application prospect of seems to be expanded.

But does that mean that the future of the energy storage industry is going to be one of the best?The answer is no.At present, we are looking forward to the government's policy on energy storage and subsidies. We hope that the government will give strong policy support to the power battery and energy storage areas.So far, however, the energy-storage industry has not received the same kind of national industrial policy support as photovoltaic and wind power.

I have been with some of the leaders of energy storage companies to visit the relevant energy departments to consult the future development direction of energy demonstration projects.Many entrepreneurs have the same expectation to get policy support for energy storage projects as soon as possible.

This year, qinghai province introduced policy measures to increase wind power and energy storage facilities, but the question continues: who will pay for the high-cost energy storage system?

At present, in order to promote energy transformation, the relevant government departments issued increment distribution network energy demonstration projects and demonstration projects of the network, the Internet demonstration projects, pluripotent complementary demonstration projects, etc., are put forward for energy storage industry supporting principle request, but in practice, storage project still did not get the corresponding subsidy policy support.

In the research, we found that many entrepreneurs are identical in our views, namely wind power, photovoltaic project in the plan is to earn money, but the cost of storage project of form a complete set too high, but calculation, not to earn money.In the face of this situation, we have also consulted some international partners, who say this is the case in China and internationally.

So what is the outlook for the energy-storage industry?Under the premise of system and business model solution innovation, the energy storage industry has a broad prospect, but the current account of individual projects is too expensive.The emergence of this situation is determined by the basic characteristics of the energy storage industry.

Both power battery and energy storage batteries, on the one hand, its industry value is very big, but its value is subject to the restriction of related supporting industries, such as power battery industry value because of the influence of the electric car industry development, battery energy storage industry value from the net, the influence of the grid and load demand.

In the field of power battery, byd, ningde hin high-tech era, countries, walter horse, and other enterprises, to strengthen, on the basis of traditional lithium iron phosphate market advantage, increase ternary cell layout, aims to value play to realize the value of the power battery electric vehicle industry.

Of course, zhuhai yinlong is an overseas acquisition through overseas mergers and acquisitions, and the shift to the negative electrode system through the positive electrode system of traditional lithium electric materials has created great value and promoted the enterprise value.

For battery energy storage industry, the past for energy storage industry development main off-grid applications, supplement the insufficient power grid function at the same time, in improving the power control technology on the basis of the whole create value.