Why Is The Smart Phone On Fire ?

- Dec 13, 2016-

Recently, Samsung's flagship mobile phone Galaxy Note 7 explosion ignited, even the US mobile operator Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam also said that in this life have not seen such a recall event, the re-sale of Note 7 and Did not solve the problem.

In essence, Note 7's "explosion" is caused by the spontaneous combustion of lithium batteries, then the problem comes, why the lithium battery will fire it?

When the lithium-ion battery charging speed too fast, the problem arises. According to foreign media TechRadar reports, lithium-ion battery charging rate is limited, so lithium-ion moving speed will not be too fast. If the lithium-ion speed exceeds its ability to withstand the limit, there may be short-circuit situation, and began to heat, the battery inside the flammable electrolyte will be ignited, causing the battery to fire.
Therefore, in order to enhance the stability of lithium-ion batteries, scientists and manufacturers are planning to work hard on the electrolyte. Chemists are developing a new type of electrolyte material that does not have flammability, even if the lithium-ion battery overheating will not fire. In addition, there are some scientists in the development of more efficient alternative materials.