Why The Ternary Lithium Battery Is Becoming Mainstream

- Nov 24, 2016-

In recent years, with the rapid growth of new energy vehicle market, China's power lithium battery market has also been rapid development. According to statistics, in January-April 2016 China's power battery market shipments reached 3.42Gwh, 2.38 times higher than the same period last year, China's power battery market shipments is expected to reach about 30Gwh, an increase of 90 %the above to 2016.

According to different materials, the current market, the existing test battery is divided into lithium iron phosphate batteries, ternary lithium batteries (including NCA and NCM), lithium manganese oxide, lithium cobalt oxide, nickel hydrogen batteries, lithium titanate . Among them, iron phosphate lithium battery is the mainstream of the battery type in China's electric car market, but in recent years the market growth was significantly inferior to the ternary lithium battery. According to statistics, from January to April 2016, China's lithium iron phosphate battery shipments reached 2.6Gwh, an increase of more than 2 times, accounting for 75.3% of the overall market; ternary system battery market shipments 771.51Mwh, with last year Compared to an increase of up to 3.47 times over the same period, the proportion of the overall market is also increased to 22.6%, China has gradually become the power battery market star product. because of the battery with high voltage platform, high energy density, tap density, electrochemical stability, cycle performance and other characteristics, to enhance the life of new energy vehicles mileage, reduce the user life milestone, ternary materials has obvious advantages, but also With the discharge voltage is high, the output power is relatively large, low temperature performance, and can adapt to all-weather temperature, etc., it is gradually being car manufacturers and users of all ages. According to statistics, from January to April 2016 ternary lithium batteries in passenger cars, buses and special vehicles in the carrying capacity of the rapid growth, respectively, year on year growth of 344.0%, 189.6% and 579.9%.

Currently, Beiqi new energy, JAC, JMC, Chery, Zotye and other new energy passenger cars, the vast majority of models have begun to use ternary lithium batteries, while BYD is still mainly lithium iron phosphate batteries. But with the market trend of changes in its application is also accelerating to the ternary lithium battery application and research direction, the company recently in the investor interaction platform, said in the future of the new passenger cars, the company will start using the ternary Lithium batteries, but also significantly increased the ternary lithium battery research and development investment. Another example is the Ministry of Industry and the latest "road motor vehicle manufacturers and product announcements" (285 approved) of the 103 new energy models, a total of 71 models with a ternary lithium battery, its proportion from 62% to the current 69%, ternary lithium battery has become a new batch of electric vehicles, the main battery.

However, compared with lithium iron phosphate battery, the safety of ternary lithium batteries, high temperature performance is poor, so it is also mainly used in passenger cars and special vehicles in the field, but in the safety requirements of the bus field, Its application accounted for is relatively small, especially the Ministry of Industry and equipment industry Secretary Zhang Xiangmu in 2016 China electric car 100 people at the meeting of the power battery safety considerations, suspend the ternary lithium battery bus included in the promotion of new energy vehicles Recommended model list of the decision, the ternary lithium battery in the field of bus applications have a serious impact, and even can be said for the future development of China ternary lithium battery cast a shadow. But the good news is that driven by the new energy passenger cars and special vehicles, the ternary lithium battery market in China did not stop the pace of development, continues to maintain rapid growth. According to statistics, from January to April 2016 ternary lithium battery in passenger cars and special vehicles in the share of the proportion of 40.1% and 52.4%, while in the passenger car market accounted for only 2.2%.

Although the government suspended the lithium lithium battery bus financial support, to a certain extent, affected the development of ternary lithium batteries, but overall, the rapid development of ternary lithium battery is the trend of the times. In the future, with the ternary lithium battery energy density and cost advantages continue to expand, and the continuous improvement of safety performance, its application in all types of models will continue to enhance the proportion, especially in the field of passenger cars, I believe its ternary lithium Application of the battery will not allow you to wait for too long, once open, will have a huge incremental space. After calculation, InnoATP expected in 2016 China ternary lithium battery market demand will reach 9.0Gwh or so, will achieve 111% year on year growth, by 2020 is expected to market demand will reach 60Gwh or so, the average annual compound growth of 60 %, So that ternary lithium batteries gradually become the mainstream products in the market. Obviously, ternary lithium era is quietly coming, are you ready? Hope the battery companies seize market trends and opportunities to speed up the pace of adjustment to promote their own rapid development.