Wintech's First Lithium Battery Intelligent Production Line Complete Line Solution Can Achieve 120 Days Of Turnkey

- Oct 17, 2019-

As a leading company in the field of lithium battery equipment, Wintech is known for its first-in-one solution for the lithium battery intelligent production line. It can achieve 120 days of “turnkey” and has more than 20 hands-on experience. “Since we launched it for the first time, the whole line of solutions has set off a trend in the industry,” said the head of Wintech.

In addition to the introduction of the entire line of solutions, Wintech is also strengthening the market competitiveness of stand-alone equipment. In 2018, Wintech released a series of new products such as roll-to-roller, MAX winding series and die-cut lamination machine. Among them, the independent brand of MAX winder specially launched for the high-end market has been with KAIDO, Japan. South Korea's KOEM has formed a three-legged pattern.

According to Yan Danlin, deputy general manager of the Winning Technology R&D Center, after the MAX winder was innovated and developed by the Winning Technology Shenzhen Research Institute, its latest products have achieved good results in the supply of first-tier companies such as LG Chem and CATL.

In particular, in September 2018, Wintech acquired a purchase order for 19 winding machines (including J/R cutting machines) from LG Chem. Its winder surpasses its competitors by 2ppm in efficiency, and its equipment size is the smallest in the world. At the same time, it has obvious technical highlights in tension control, dust removal system and long-time no refueling. It is the key to the LG chemical recognition of this product. The full recognition of the world-class power battery manufacturers indicates that the performance indicators of the win-win technology winding machine have reached the leading level in the global industry.

In addition, the new generation 21700/18650 cylindrical automatic winding machine developed by Wintech is more than 10% more efficient than the current mainstream winder in the industry. The positive and negative poles are simultaneously loaded with 6-volume pole pieces for automatic roll-to-roll unwinding. It can realize 3 hours of non-stop production, double-station battery core hot hole, "0" rebound. At the same time, Winhe Technology launched the laser die-cutting and winding machine, which meets the requirements of large-power battery technology, and adjusts the pitch of the ear cutting in the closed loop. It solves the industrial problem that the ear can not be accurately aligned due to the thickness deviation of the pole piece. Improve the service capabilities for the high-end market.

With the diamond drill, you will get a porcelain life. It is reported that in 2018, Wintech achieved an order value of 2.85 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 27.28%. In addition to the LG chemical orders, the coating machine and laser die-cutting machine entered the CATL supply chain, and the share and type of coating machine continued to increase; BYD increased the procurement of the former mid-stage equipment based on the original cooperation; Gao Ke has an order of 770 million yuan. In 2018, the company won the new signing list, and the order share of first-line quality customers such as LG Chem, CATL, BYD, Guoxuan Hi-Tech, and Feneng Technology continued to increase, reaching 50%, and the customer structure continued to be optimized.

In fact, the reason why Wintech is able to continue to win the favor of large customers, in addition to the "hardware" quality of the equipment itself, the comprehensive, high-quality, in place "software" service system is also indispensable.

Xu Yi, vice president of Wintech, said that due to changes in customer structure, the company received orders of tens of millions and hundreds of millions. For such a large project, Wintech has set up a project management department to carry out the project. Be responsible for.

“Besides business negotiation, there are many details, such as technical agreement review, material follow-up, final 3D review, etc. Because the amount is very large, once the equipment has a problem, it will affect the whole project. Delivery schedule. So we have very strict control over the delivery schedule. For example, if the materials are delivered within 30 days, the delivery volume and delivery ratio will be reported every week.” Xu Yi explained.

“In product delivery, we can provide full follow-up services, whether it is segmented sales or a full-line factory layout, the delivery system can integrate all business units and then communicate with customers in a single channel or in a single way. "For the special service, Yan Danlin added. There are full-time project managers responsible for all aspects of the delivery, including customer docking, technical negotiations, data validation, etc.

In addition, it is understood that Wintech also has a dedicated customer service point at the customer's site, which can provide customers with free equipment installation and commissioning. The FAT will be shared with the customer before the product is shipped. The follow-up can also provide training for the customer's employees. The technicians will be stationed for half a year.

Under the two-wheel drive of “hardware” and “software” of high-quality products and services, Wintech has entered the fast-growing fast lane, and intelligence may make this equipment leader in New Energy 4.0. The era is welcoming, and Wintech is the only lithium battery company in the industry to build a digital smart factory.

According to the person in charge of Wintech, usually the customer only needs to provide the project information table and the park plan. Wintech can provide the corresponding “turnkey” project plan and provide all the relevant solutions for the whole line at different time points. data. Before selling the equipment, Wintech's pre-sales engineers provide customers with a clear list of consumables. During the use of the equipment, the system will automatically record and calculate the corresponding life of each component, and the data feedback of the sensing components in the equipment, and comprehensively test the product production line.

“For the entire equipment park and reasonable layout planning, we also have specialized IE engineers. For the sub-personal flow, logistics, and diversion design of the visit channel, we will also provide the corresponding information to the customers.” Yan Danlin said that including the entire product and In the project layout, we will also discuss with the customer the details of the choice of fixtures used in all product transfer processes.

“We are the first enterprise in the industry to put the smart factory into operation at the customer site. At present, the data has been returned and the analysis has begun.” Yan Danlin revealed to the battery China network that Huihe Intelligent is a company focusing on lithium battery MES system. Nowadays, the smart factory of Wintech has realized real-time data synchronization with customers' ERP, PDM, OA, WMS and other systems, including automatic data docking and automatic collection of BOM data, process data, equipment data and production data at the production site. In addition, the smart factory also has cutting-edge technologies such as remote control of equipment, 3D virtual mapping, big data analysis, and intelligent warning of equipment failure.

According to reports, the remote control system of Wintech can realize equipment control and material traceability for the entire plant, and it is now ready for trial operation. Qi Danlin said, “At the CIBF exhibition in 2018, we showed the remote control system, and the machines in the factory were controlled by the on-site computer. From the camera, it can be observed that the equipment in the factory changes with the adjustment of the parameters. The entire equipment operation is under control."

However, Yan Danlin also admitted that although the remote control technology has been slowly used in the industry, it is a new technology, so many customers are not willing to use it, but also need a certain acceptance time, but this will be the future trend. Wintech will also lead the new direction of lithium battery equipment in the field of intelligent manufacturing.