World's First Lithium Battery Powered Rocket Engine 3D Printing

- Aug 10, 2017-

A private company in New Zealand has launched the world's first 3D printed battery-powered rocket "Electron" on the east coast of New Zealand in May, media reports said.The company has received a lot of funding from American silicon valley companies.The successful launch made New Zealand the 11th country to launch rockets into the sky.

It is reported that the rocket is 17 meters long and has been launched at more than 27,000 kilometers per hour.Its low manufacturing cost, short launch period and low launch cost can be considered as a great progress in the development of human rocket technology.The main parts of its Rutherford engine are almost all 3D printed.

The rocket was launched at RocketLab in Mahia, east of New Zealand's north island.The rocket was due to launch three days ago, but it was delayed because of bad weather.

It is also the first time the world has launched a rocket into the sky from a private launch site."We are a handful of companies around the world that have developed the rockets from scratch and achieved their goals in four years," said Peter beck, founder and President of RocketLab.

The rocket, though, went into space, but failed to reach its intended orbit.Baker said the company would investigate the cause.The New Zealand government has invested 15 million New Zealand dollars as a space program.Minister of economic development, Bridges, was jubilant at the launch.

Baker said the company plans to conduct three rocket launch tests, the first of its kind.If the three tests are ideal, the company will start offering commercial satellite launch services to customers.

Once the company is fully engaged, he says it can be launched more than 50 times a year.Current company customers include NASA.