Xi 'an City Built 4.28 Million Recharging Piles By 2020 To Ease Charging Of Electric Vehicles

- Aug 28, 2017-

China energy storage net news: aiming at the problem of lack of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, the reporter understands from relevant departments, in 2020, xi 'an to build appropriate leading, smart car pile and the high efficiency of charging system.There are 167 new centralized charging stations and over 4280,000 charging facilities in the city.

There will be more than 4280,000 charging facilities in the city by 2020

On August 25, xi 'an issued a guideline to standardize the construction, operation and management of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, and accelerate the promotion and application of electric vehicles."Opinions" requirement, to give full play to the leading role of the market, encourage social capital to participate in, activate market, through the social way of financing, government financial subsidy, guide the social capital to participate in the fill (in) the electric utility system construction.

It adopts charging and replacing;Public quick recharge, self-use slow charge and other supply modes to meet the market demand.By 2020, it will be basically completed with a moderately advanced and intelligent charging system.There are 167 new centralized charging stations and over 4280,000 charging facilities in the city.The centralized charging (exchange) electrical facilities for the construction of public parking lots and the unified planning and supply of land for public parking lots shall not be processed separately.

In the case of the construction and construction of xi 'an city, the newly-built charging (replacement) electrical facilities that are approved and accepted by the company shall be provided with a subsidy of 30% of the actual investment (excluding the land requisition) of the electric facilities.The project of integrating new technologies such as photovoltaic integrated storage capacity and the integrated charging of parking (refueling, gas, etc.) will only give 30% of the subsidy to the investment in charge (replacement) of electric equipment.

The public should not be charged for charging their own charger

Residents in residential district has its own fixed parking with fill (in) electricity utilities, by residents and property management company after reaching a negotiated consensus, access to the district power supply system, also can apply to the power supply unit for electricity reporting procedures.The property owners' committee and the property management party shall support and cooperate, and may not charge any fees.Non-residents shall use electricity for electric facilities, and the property rights unit shall apply to the power supply department for the application of electricity.

Individuals in their own parking garage, parking, the residential area, unit (in) is filled in the existing parking Spaces, parking lot construction of electric facilities, do not need to deal with construction land planning permit, construction project planning permit, construction permit and land examination and approval procedures.The construction of electricity facilities shall not be filed.

The cost of electricity expansion due to the charging of electrical facilities shall be borne by the property rights unit (individual).Charging facilities operating enterprises can charge electric car users for two charges of electricity and charging service fees, and their standards shall be implemented according to the relevant documents of the municipal price department.The payment method should be of general use, with cash payment, but also can be paid by swiping card or sweeping code.