Xiamen Will Build An Electric Car Charging Ring With A Radius Of 1.5km

- May 02, 2018-

As of now, the electric car charging station of the company has been charging millions of kilowatt-hours for six months in a row, according to the xiamen power supply company. according to xiamen municipal electric car ownership and charging pile Numbers in fujian province are ranked the first place, xiamen will be built in the year the urban core service radius of 1.5 km circle of electric vehicle charging.

According to the introduction, since 2017, the xiamen area has built up 38 charging stations and 707 concentrated piles.At the same time, the construction of a single machine 300 kw high power bus charging station.

As of December 2017, the core area of xiamen has formed a public charging network with a service radius of 1.7 km.The popularization of the construction of charging piles paved the way for the development of electric vehicles in xiamen city and promoted the rapid growth of electric vehicles.Up to now, there have been 229 pure electric buses in xiamen city, with a pure electric taxi in 1918.

According to the relevant person in charge of xiamen power supply company of state grid, the construction of electric vehicle charging infrastructure will be increased comprehensively in 2018, when xiamen city will build 2,800 public charging piles.