Xinjiang Realizes Batch Production Of Lithium Battery Material To Fill The Domestic Mass Production Gap

- Aug 21, 2017-

China energy storage network news: "xinjiang mass production of lithium battery material, filling in the domestic mass production blank."

On August 17, xinjiang institute of metallurgy and non-ferrous metal new material development department senior engineer wang stand told the reporters, this technology has won the second batch of 2017 autonomous region major special funds to support science and technology.

Until last year, called the anhydrous lithium iodide, lithium battery materials, mainly rely on imports, the material is mainly used for electric car batteries, cardiac pacemaker cells, etc., can also be used for HIV/AIDS, the treatment of diseases such as Parkinson's disease, hepatitis b, can also be used for military and other fields.

In to the car battery storage capacity of the battery, the using lithium iodide as the electrolyte additive lightweight portable batteries, battery capacity is about 3000 watts/kg, about eight times the current lithium ion battery, recycled thousands of times, charging and discharging cycle charge-discharge efficiency is as high as 93% for the first time, can make electric cars without having to carry bulky under the condition of the battery pack, with comparable range of gasoline, diesel, is expected to replace the lithium ion battery into the next generation of electric power, more environmentally friendly.

At present, there are no factories in China that can mass-produce the lithium iodide. In 2017, China's demand for the lithium iodized lithium will be 15 tons a year, and the demand will increase by 20% to 25% in the next year.

Since 2009, xinjiang nonferrous metal research institute of research and development of this technology, only small experimental stage at the beginning, each batch produced only 200 grams, in 2016, in the production line can reach 6 tons, from 2017 to 2019, the special goal is the production line of 20 tons.

In south road is located in the open area (toutunhe) fusion of xinjiang nonferrous metal research institute laboratory, king stand pointed to a man, look a bit like hospital nursery box instrument is introduced, the experiment of anhydrous lithium iodide process must be under anaerobic conditions, the environmental water requirement is high, some links need to moisture and oxygen content are completed in less than 0.001% of the super purified glove box and preparation conditions, product technology content is high.

At present, Shenzhen Capchem Technology Co., Ltd., zhangjiagang cathay huarong chemical new materials Co., Ltd., and other lithium battery electrolyte giants have also purchased raw materials from the company.