Xinjiang Will Strengthen The Development Space Layout Of The New Material Industry

- Aug 26, 2017-

China energy storage net news: on August 23, the reporter learns from the autonomous regional people's government's official website, to fully implement the "three tenors project in xinjiang is forbidden" instruction spirit, xinjiang will strengthen silicon new material industrial development space layout, guide the industry agglomeration development, within the scope of whole xinjiang focus on creating ZhunDong economic and technological development zone, shanshan turpan city industrial park two differentiate themselves and distinctive silicon new material industry base.

In the field of silicon-based new materials in the future, xinjiang will practice the system of "leader", is no longer new industrial silicon project, focus on creating ZhunDong economic and technological development zones and shanshan turpan city industrial park two silicon new material industrial base, guide base outside the existing silicon industry project gathered to the base.

Specifically, the development zone of the economic and technological development zone in the eastern region of China is mainly developing polysilicon, monocrystalline silicon, chips and components, new materials for aluminum silicon alloy, silicon carbide and new materials downstream.The key development of the shanshan industrial park in turpan is the silicon alloy, silicone and polysilicon new materials.We should give full play to the role of the market and adopt multiple models to realize the sharing of revenue and added value to guide the transfer of silicon industry projects outside the base to the base.

At the same time, the industry access will be strictly implemented in the future, and all localities (states and cities) will not approve, approve or file new industrial silicon projects in any name or form.The replacement of production capacity in xinjiang must be replaced by equal or reduced displacement in two bases.

In addition, the "pacesetter" system will be implemented.Silicon industry projects of energy consumption, environmental protection, quality, safety and technical standards in strictly implement relevant national policies and standards for admittance into industries, on the basis of the standard must be international and domestic first-class, adopts the most advanced technology route.

We have learned, silicon and silicon new material widely used in aerospace, electronic information, biological medicine, machinery, food, indoor decoration, cosmetic and personal care products such as almost all industrial fields and new and high technology industries.

By the end of 2016, xinjiang's industrial silicon and polysilicon domestic share had reached 33.3% and 18.9%, becoming the second largest and the second most important producing region of the domestic industrial silicon, with a strong market competitiveness.

In recent years, with photovoltaic, automotive, construction, electronics and other industries, the rapid development of silicon-based new materials market demand to achieve steady growth, and the silk road economic belt core construction and accelerating the infrastructure construction in xinjiang, more sustained growth will make xinjiang silicon industry usher in a new dawn.