Zhangjiakou Launched 20 Million Square Meters Of Clean Energy Heating Project This Year

- Nov 15, 2017-

China energy storage net news: recently, zhangjiakou, hebei province and its Chinese hebei north electric co., LTD established renewable energy electricity trading platform released the first results: in November, the city clean energy heating power trade of 19.3 million KWH, 22 renewable energy power generation company, 30 wind projects bidding, clinch a deal after the electric heating user electricity price fell to 0.15 yuan/KWH.

This marks the opening of a domestic market for renewable energy power, breaking the bottleneck of the high cost of clean energy replacing coal heating.

This year, zhangjiakou launched a 20 million square meter clean energy heating project.

According to the original policy and price mechanism, the cost of electric heating is nearly twice as high as that of coal-fired central heating, and the domestic promotion is very difficult.

At the same time, zhangjiakou can generate more than 11 million kilowatts of renewable energy and expand the application in local areas. The problem of "abandoning the wind" is the main direction of the future.

As approved under the state council shall set up a renewable energy demonstration area, zhangjiakou exploring "government + power grid company + + user" of the "quartet cooperation mechanism", and to the national relevant policy support.

Relying on hebei north electricity trading system, with its Chinese hebei zhangjiakou north electric co., LTD set up renewable energy electricity trading platform, published monthly month clean energy electricity heating project requirement and affordable prices, renewable energy power generation companies bidding on a voluntary basis, through the market transaction, then clean electricity sold direct electric heating users.

Energy bureau of zhangjiakou jun-feng guo calculated brushstroke zhang: through renewable energy electricity market trading, electric heating users can enjoy preferential prices, to 0.15 yuan/KWH is 0.28 yuan/KWH of low electricity prices by 46.4%, cost and coal fired central heating.

After the completion of clean energy heating of 20 million square meters in zhangjiakou, nearly 3 billion kilowatt-hours of renewable energy can be used annually.

Next, zhangjiakou will gradually expand the scale of the clean energy heating power market transaction, and will replace engineering, as well as new and high technology industries into electricity market transaction, the northern region winter for countries to promote clean energy heating, break through the renewable energy given bottleneck can copy, can promote the successful experience of.