Zhanjiang City Is Planning To Buy 200 New Energy Buses

- Sep 06, 2017-

China energy storage network: on the afternoon of January 1, the municipal transport bureau held a work hearing on 200 buses in the city, and was consulted by representatives of the public, transportation experts and relevant departments.The hearing was attended by 13 people and 13 persons.The 13 hearing participants agreed to this plan.

It is reported that there are 1,324 buses and 101 bus lines in our city.According to the city's requirements, the city will buy 200 new energy buses and six new bus routes this year.New purchase plan of 200 new energy bus 60 for the opening of the six new bus lines, 50 for replacement now 7 lines of the minibus vehicles, 90 for now to increase capacity and displacement LNG vehicles.The six new bus routes are planned to consider the public transport needs of schools, hospitals and residents to improve the bus coverage.

At the meeting, the hearing representatives made comments and Suggestions on the improvement of the hearing plan, the infrastructure construction of the station and the coverage of the bus routes.The relevant person in charge of municipal transport department said it would seriously absorb each hearing people to participate in the social public, as well as put forward opinions and Suggestions, we will further improve the solution, make the broad masses of people really enjoy the transit bring convenience, safety, efficiency and benefit.