Zhejiang Offshore Wind Power Grid Operation To Achieve 'zero Breakthrough'

- Jan 03, 2018-

The first fan of offshore wind farm 2 in zhoushan putuo, zhejiang province, zhejiang province has been successfully connected to the grid.According to the zhejiang energy administration, the project will mark a zero breakthrough in the operation of the province's offshore wind power grid, which will provide a steady stream of green and clean electricity.

According to the introduction, guodian zhoushan putuo no. 6 offshore wind farm 2 area project has a single machine capacity of 4 megawatt of fan 63, total installed capacity of 252 mw.

Energy bureau of zhejiang province, said after the formal operation of the project, according to the measurement, equivalent full load hours is 3038 hours a year, in the Internet charge is 753.38 million KWH, can save a year BiaoMei 240000 tons, 610000 tons of carbon dioxide, 2.1 million tons of water conservation, environmental protection benefit is remarkable.